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  1. Hiya!! Indeed I am. I don't want to ditch him. What would you do, were you me??
  2. Hiya !! It is harder for me *not * to have a Tulpa. I'm a fantasy fiend, esp. high (high fantasy, not me being high) I am in a wheelchair & I'm a resident in a very good care home, the only bad point is that most of my flatmates are quite low-functioning so not much conversation goes on, so I go to a new age group . I've been Tulpa-less, but I was so miserable nobody wanted to come near me, so I started living w/ Tulpas again. My latest Tulpa was my childhood hero, he always made me laugh till I cried. I am afraid of shouting but his voice is very soft & calms me. His accent makes me fall all over the place going UUUUUUHHHH. He's elderly now, but he's so hot (always liked older men, all my Tulpas have been older, mostly opposite sex ) !! I say was my childhood hero cos he has done something wrong. I've an FB friend who also has him as her own Tulpa, that's how we got in contact in the 1st place, cos I couldn't believe there was someone out there *that * similar to me. I asked the other members of the group, & they said carry on; on the Other Side it doesn't matter.