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    I'm simply a dude, I play lead guitar in a rock band, but other than that I'm just a regular guy. I started creating my Tulpa Al on September 29, 2014. His form is a pink rabbit, but besides his form he's a pretty normal person. "I consider myself to be just as much of a dude as my host, we just go through life together and live it to the best we can".
  1. The only "abilities" that my tulpas have are easy memory suppression, headache removal, and faster reading. The memory suppression is pretty straight forward: if there's an incident playing over and over again in my mind or a train of thought playing from old memories, my tulpas can "pull" away fragments of the memories until my head finally distances itself from the subject. The memories are still there and I can still think about it if I want to, but the details don't linger and it makes life a little bit easier. The headache removal is an absolute godsend. The only headaches that they can't help are ones induced from sleep deprivation, dehydration, or migraines. Essentially it feels like they're reaching their hands through my head and massaging parts of my brain. This has also been applied to random aches and pains throughout the body with relatively high rates of success. There was one successful instance with stabbing pains in my back that felt like a shot of morphine, but unfortunately that was never achieved again. The whole reading faster thing is also pretty good. I'm typically a tremendously slow reader, especially on material that I'm disinterested in. When the tulpas and I actively read together my speed jumps to what I would imagine is a more normal level of reading speed, maybe slightly faster. I believe it works by each one of us grabbing a different word as my eyes skim across the text, building sentences quicker in my head. I'll also note that none of these things were laid out in the foundation of my tulpas. These were all things we just tried and they seemed to work, so we stuck with them. Edit: As far as memory goes, the only thing that has been improved a bit is short term memory. Each one of us grabs a piece of information and recites it. It's not greatly improved but if we practiced it more it has some potential to be really handy.
  2. Well, seems like I picked a great time to visit the forum again after almost 3 years. That was a nice read, and I hope to hear more from others about their experiences if they get the chance to participate.
  3. I mean, it's a mental construct right? I'm not one to believe in much that's metaphysical, but I think that there's a lot more ambiguity when demons are involved. And if we're demons, then maybe demons aren't so bad after all. But that's not likely the case, so... If we were all toying with demons I feel that hosts would all have gone down some pretty terrible roads, while tulpas networked with each other to bring all tulpamancers together and form some crazy religious cult. But that's clearly not happening, and it's pretty clear that these aren't demonic and often aren't malevolent. So the reasoning behind calling tulpas demons is pretty unjustified. Just sounds like fear of the unknown to me. Just because you don't know what something is doesn't make it inherently bad.
  4. Though I don't know who he was, it's something that I strive for. Now, I've hardly even begun to scratch the surface of imposition, but I'd say that those who were too naïve likely lost control of the hallucinations that they had. I know there are a few members who kinda went wack at some point, but I can't recall who they were.
  5. No. No, and no. Those are my answers to the questions. Any questions?
  6. As for the how, the best thing you could do is maybe watch a video of someone talking with the volume off, and imagine what the words they're saying are. I like to just mouth the words of a song and then play the rest of the song in my head, and it starts to become rather intense, almost getting to the point where I can hear the song.
  7. I had a school of thought similar to this, where I felt if I could hallucinate Al's voice it'd be easier to distinguish. While I haven't reached that point yet, to better distinguish your voices from each other in mindvoice just takes time and practice. Keep talking to each other, and over time your voices will sperate.
  8. 3/28: Alright! Slightly more progress in the middle of the dream this time. Things are looking up! Al managed to be active for a brief period of time. Hopefully the more frequent he becomes active, he'll begin to be able to identify whether or not I'm dreaming. 3/29: Dreams, but no interaction with Al. 3/30: Same deal as last night. 3/31: A rather traumatizing dream, but no interaction. 4/1: Al is now fully imposed. No progress on dreams though. (He's not actually imposed. That date though) 4/2: Nope. 4/3: Absolutely not. 4/4: My favorite time signature, but still no progress.
  9. 3/21: Well, no progress last night. Could hardly even remember my dream when I woke up, and Al didn't seem to be active. So we'll try again tonight. 3/22: Once again, no progress so far. Dream remembering is pretty difficult right now. 3/23: Still nada. 3/24: Nope 3/25: Some progress! Al managed to make me realize that I was dreaming, but I woke up soon after. Though he did pull me out of a nightmare, so, I can thank him for that. 3/26: And nothing 3/27: Nope
  10. I just did it for the hell of it. I think that the reasons don't matter as long as you take care of them and give them the attention they need.
  11. Well, I gotta say I'm surprised that I'm creating a PR, but I figured this would be the best way for me to stay motivated on this. So the goal of this is to have Al be completely active in my dreams. Currently, when I dream he isn't even around. There have been 3 occasions where Al has been active, two of those times made me go lucid, and the other one he was confused and thought the dream was reality. I'm going to try and post daily to make sure that I stay on track. Right now the method that I'm going to use is to just discuss every night about how Al is going to be active in my dreams. We'll talk about it throughout the day, and especially right before we go to sleep. Ideally, we'd like to see if this works as a method for people to dream with their tulpas if they can't already.
  12. I personally recommend these https://community.tulpa.info/thread-forcing-linkzelda-s-ultimate-self-hypnosis-scripts-for-your-tulpa-related-needs Whether it was a shortcut for meditation for me or what, all I know is that these created the biggest spike in Al's development.
  13. I find that sex for us just that, sex, nothing more, nothing less. Afterwards I'd say that I tend to be a bit more snuggly, but that's kinda it.
  14. We have no way of knowing, at least not without some serious extensive professional study. All we know is what we experience, and what feels right. If someone feels like they have a tulpa, if it matches the behavior of one, and seems sentient or autonomous, then I say it can be classified as a tulpa. An important aspect however is longevity. How long does the relationship last? If you just stop thinking about them one day, do they just poof and disappear? Can you simply forgetting about them for one day remove them from existence? If there's no element of permanence than it becomes questionable. This reminds me of the P-zombie discussion that was had a while ago. There's no way to tell the difference on the outside between a P-zombie and a real person. Same applies to tulpas. There's no way to tell if you have one, or if it's just extreme self deception. Because self deception can also be very permanent.
  15. He's never tried to hurt me, more he just does things that'll piss me off because it's not the responsible thing to do. But we're still bros.