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    You can call me Music or 9911, I'm your average surviving-school-and-minimum-wage-work teen, ADD and all.
  1. I figured as much. I'm conflicted between trying to receive help, but distrusting institutions
  2. Hello, I was thinking since this community is well versed in psychology and the likes, if anybody here knows the laws about therapists and their obligation to involve laws. Today I decided to take a free screening at my college, as they had a mental health thing going on, and spoke with a counselor about my results. He said the results suggested moderate depression and anxiety, and highly suggested PTSD. I am very reluctant to seek any help, as my stress is the result of someone close to me being a victim of illegal acts. The person did nothing illegal, but I don't want the therapists to try get involved with my parents (I'm still 17 for another few months) or involve the legal system. So, what do therapists/doctors usually do about these types of things?
  3. That is the main part I'm curious about though, if a tulpa has access to the hosts memories, wouldn't they be able to know every detail a teacher mentions, or every skill and technique in a job? Things we hear do not disapear, we simply move them into a category of memory we consider unimportant. So, I can imagine if a tulpa can access that, they would have any sort of information the teacher had said before
  4. Actually, my tulpa isn't vocal yet. I wish they were though, I'm curious to if this would work. I've just had a few moments where I had a word on the tip of my tongue and asked Animus to help me out, and I'd remember it all of a sudden
  5. Hello, I'm busy writing (or procrastinating) an essay, and started wondering how many peoples tulpas help them with school. My tulpa is not vocal yet, but I've had a few instances where I forget a word and ask my tulpa and I remember it. So, has anybody asked their tulpa to find answers on a test/quiz in their memory, or had them help with writing a paper, or even tutoring? Did It cause any change in your grade?
  6. I'll probably read more to Animus as I have a book coming in the mail thursday, and I watch netflix with my girlfriend quite a bit, so I'll try tune him in more! So far I've sorta told him we were watching a show and imagined the TV in our mindscape displaying the show, so I hope that worked. Hope he likes the walking dead!
  7. Hello, I've been working on my tulpa for about 4 days now, and was wondering what are some things to do? I'm not very good with subconscious things (lucid dreaming, hypnosis, mindscape) but I'm attempting to learn self-hypnosis. What are some things to strengthen my bond with my tulpa and help him become sentient/vocal? I narrate and passive force through out the day, but I want to try vary my activities to help Animus grow well-rounded
  8. I'll read that guide right now DK, thanks! And I've been trying to sort of gently guide my mind in and out of wonderland, instead of just trying to yank my mind into it, but it's still quite annoying my tulpa is still young and I'm trying to work on hearing Animus
  9. Hello, I know there was a post similar to this but it was a slightly different topic. I'm wondering if anybody else has ADD and has trouble with active forcing/seeing in your wonderland? I have bad trouble trying to active force, as I try view my wonderland and my tulpa, my thoughts are like a storm that cause me to lose sight of the wonderland. Also, when I move, it's more like I'm glitching across the floor (probably looks a lil funny to Animus) and often end up just teleporting to where I was heading. It's hard to explain, but it's just like some impossible force is pushing my mind away from the wonderland like a negative magnet