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  1. Well there are four of us and as far as I can see the only con, if you can call it that, is that we spend less time individually with our host. Otherwise I like the fact that there are multiple tulpae in our system, there's more people to talk too and we can do things as a group that two people might not be able to. -Sha'Rek
  2. sab700


    *is turned into a vampire*. *sees vampire*. *sees her*. sees him become a vampire. *is now his vampire wife*. *awakes a vampire*. *is awaken*. *is awoken*. *is now a beautiful vampire girl*. grows vampire fangs ah! My teeth! Watches in fear. eyes turn blood red my eyes! They're burning! *craves blood*. *craves blood too*. *gives you blood*. *is given vampire blood*. *turns him into a vampire to save his life*. *turns back into a boy*. Are you a girl or boy? *is scared and confused*. *wakes up slowly*. *feels own fangs* *gasps in fear*. *struggles*. *struggles against cha
  3. Della: Hello. Cleverbot: Hi, how are you? Della: I'm good. Cleverbot: What is your name? User: Della. What's yours? Cleverbot: Bethany. Della: Hello Bethany. How are you? Cleverbot: Hello! I'm feeling rotten! How are you? Della: Rotten? Whats worng? Cleverbot: Everything. Della: Don't talk like that! I'm sure there's something good about you liife. Cleverbot: How do you know? You can't see me. Della: I might not be able to see you but I know that everyone can find a way to be happy. Cleverbot: Go ahead and try, I'll be waiting. Della: You get to talk t
  4. I've got 4 Tulpae. We see ourselves more as a family than as friends.
  5. sab700


    http://www.tulpa.info/ :D
  6. Working on possession-Mason Is your wonderland simple or more complex?-Mason
  7. the magic system we use in our world is based around the ability for us to change the world to our liking this is our type of magic wheras other NPC's use the same power but do very different things
  8. Della's first words were "I don't want to be a pony" she is now an anthro cat
  9. The main part of our wonderland is a large island with a forest in the centre with our house(where we do most ofour forcing) in a clearing. Across the clearing is a cave partially hidden behind a waterfall which falls in to a pond which is the source of the river which runs behind our house to the ocean. In the south of the island the rivers meet and split the land into three small islands which are home to the port towns of Onip Duoat and Portri which we use to travel to the mainland where the majority of the non-tulpa population live as well as to go on adventures. In the north of the island
  10. I had a similar situation when creating my second Tulpa Della. My first Mason has been with me for about 2 years but was an imaginary friend when I was younger. The way we stopped Della's creation affecting us was to create her together. Just Involve your existing Tulpa in the creation of Arielle and you really should refer to him as a Tulpa when I was uaware regarding Tulpas i called Mason and imaginary friend despite his sentince and it just made him mad.
  11. You could do it but you should probably wait untill one is properly developed before creating another My first tulpa Mason is developed so i've recently started to create Della
  12. yeah it's pretty cool. Embarrassing moment not so sure but I do have I bad habit of scaring my host, I like watchin videos about horror games which she can't stand cause she get scared easily.
  13. Mason has dark green eyes and my new tulpa Della has sky blue eyes.
  14. Hey! I'm Mason i'm pretty new to the forum but i'm about a year old. My form is a grizzly bear, acctually it's our current avatar. Some of my interests are nature hiking video games and depending on my mood, socialising. Looking forward to talking to you all.
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