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    I'm an army brat with a bad Case of ADHD. I briefly heard and researched about tulpa in the past but didn't have time for it. Now I'm picking it up and plan on pushing the limits. I don't have much time to force (because of life), but I'll make due.

    I'm making Kage-Honoo-Ryuu, my first tulpa.

    He is essentially a greater form of myself not bound by the rules of the world. Kage is a dragonized version of myself, partial scale skin, wings, tail, horns, monstrous teeth, the works. He may be an accidental tulpa that I've had for some time and now I'm providing the features, awaiting confirmation.

    Visualization: Difficult but do-able. Generally see his basic shape then detail it, and can keep image stable while concentrating. I can do a combat visualization exercise and maintain better stability of his image during the exercise (likely because I find the exercise fun so I get better concentration.) No visual imposition yet.
    Auditory: His mind-voice is almost identical to mine working on that. Can't always tell his mind-voice from my own thoughts but I'm 99% certain he is sentient. No auditory imposition yet.
    I have not shared my thoughts and memories yet but I suspect he has loose access the them or as stated above has been with me long enough to know a great deal of my thought patterns and memories.
    No switching or possession as of yet however I have in a way did a possession of his wings and tail, details in https://community.tulpa.info/thread-cool-turn-out?pid=112414&mode=linear#pid112414

    My future plans include making a HUD servitor, a zombie apocalypse or medieval wonderland, making a memory palace, then forcing fine muscle control and pushing the limits of bodily manipulation through forcing

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  1. HP

    Cool turn out

    srry guys been gone long. no it wasn't my girl's doing it was me I took a brake because my cough at the time had gotten worse and it was keeping me from focusing while forcing. That damn cough lasted 4.5 weeks. And then my hours at work picked up so i didn't have much time. Im back though no real news other than the cough is gone and I need to catch up on cinema's last 15 or so pages of posts to see what i missed. eattin cinnamon buns!!!! yum.
  2. I crash and sleep for at least 9 hours straight once a week, so I guess poly keeps me going on my work days until I can pull off a full sleep.
  3. HP

    Cool turn out

    Well GOOD NEWS!!! My girl took it upon herself to read through my posts. YEA. She was not overly positive about what I've been writing in my posts. But turns out she was literally just overreacting to me talking about her lack of enthusiasm for all this. Even she admitted it, she doesn't want me making her sound like the bad guy. However this gave me a chance to actually explain what I want out of "will forcing" (because I want to do more than just make a tulpa) with her actually listening. So now she understands most of what I want out of this and accepts it as long as I don't turn out lik
  4. HP

    Cool turn out

    Well this morning I did the exercise again, other than that I did other stuff today and gave Kage a break. I hope he worked on something but hell if I know right now.
  5. Didn't know about polyphasic sleep, but I've been doing it for about a year, on a day I work I tend to sleep about 4 hours at home and 3 half hour rest at work all achieve rem sleep. Thanks for that, Reisen. Also Reisen, thank you for the flux tag. I really like it. As for death, I personally have no intention of dying. I hope that before my time comes we as a species have developed surrogate bodies that I might live forever. I was lucky enough to be blessed with one of those perfect metabolisms that lets me eat just about as much food as I want and any foods I want. On my my junior year
  6. 1: not yet 2: I can't tell the first time he spoke to me yet and but I just accepted it as is when he showed me the wonderland, but I was certainly surprised when he dragged me in to show me the sky. 3: no, I can estimate somewhere between 30-50 hours active, unknown passive and I've only been at it for 11 days. 4: yea, I play music and I've seen I'll visualize Kage playing an instrument or in the wonderland the sky fills up with clouds that act as sporadic as the music. 5: black, 95% of the time it's black. 6: Damn Reisen, just had to do a full analysis for this one didn't you.
  7. HP

    Cool turn out

    I just have a bad cough and mucus build up in the chest and sinuses, cough syrup soothes my throat from the coughing. and I've had the cough since wednesday, it's mentioned in half the posts. Cool thing happened, got to a hundred and achieved a stable state of hypersensitivity within seconds. I've let my hair get a little wild and it's long enough to touch my cheeks and was when I achieved hypersensitivity, my nerves were lighting up where my hair toughed my cheeks then my face started slowly going numb until I shook myself out of it. Will be repeating the exercise a little later right now
  8. HP

    Cool turn out

    Not much progress to speak of since the last post, but I'm working on visualization again. Right now I'm working with "Rasznir's Visualization Focus Guide" and I have to admit it might start out slow but it's working. I'm doing it in our wonderland, the count up is taking place on an easel with large sheet papers and I have Kage both counting it up audibly and sparking the paper aflame, while I control the burn pattern till it makes the number and then burns away the page for the next one. Yea I complicated it but it made it interesting and easier to focus on. Made it to 93 this morning before
  9. HP

    Cool turn out

    I made him obnoxious, cynical, narcissistic and fairly straightforward. The fact that he's acting somewhat as expected shows he's built mostly as intended. Conceptually his personality is roughly what I'd expect of myself in the apocalypse. and physically just about the perfect form for me (not limited by natural means), in my eyes. In addition I tried forcing earlier and had a lot of trouble focusing him in. he told me that he was working on the wonderland. Later on I took a short nap while my girl was out and he dragged me into the wonderland either shortly before I fell asleep or during
  10. I made progress, Kage built a simple wonderland so sentience confirmed. details in my PR
  11. HP

    Cool turn out

    Well I got good progress. Because I'm sick I'm sleeping randomly so I passed out at 5-ish, and my girl woke me up to cuddle at about 945-ish. While I was cuddling her Kage was nagging me for my attention, so when she went to shower I focused on him and turns he built us a simple wonderland. Nothing amazing but during my forcing yesterday or this morning I told him if he wants, he can work on a place so we have something better than the gray slab room I've been using for the week. So yea the wonderland is kind of like a huge flat gray dessert with a constant little ocean wave/undertow, just eno
  12. I hear you, grew up Roman Catholic but not overly strict, but the whole christian/catholic religion is full of bullshit. Like most religions there is good in it but its been so polluted and corrupted it's hard to see it anymore. Gotta admit though Pope's trying! I got to the point where I only go to church as a family ritual on christmas and easter and that might not last much longer either, the family is falling apart (family as in descendants of a grandparent that have stayed close.) I'm ready to leave the state for a better situation as soon as my girl is. My brother would cross the coun
  13. HP

    Cool turn out

    So yea, I did some forcing right after my last message. I laid down on my couch which is where I do most of my forcing. Thing is I ended up passing out and I carried the forcing into my dreaming. I don't really remember it but I know when my girl woke me up I was still working on Kage. So it's progress of a sort.
  14. Dude I totally agree ROTC sucked and fuck the military. Keep in mind your posting on a community site so if your post you are subject to responses and advice bombardment (sorry ladies you had great advice but we men suck at taking it.) I suggest that once you've got Yumi down pat perhaps you create a servitor or another tulpa with the intent of improving your social skills and and potentially to help you learn a profitable skill you enjoy to help with the job situation. The fact that they are expansions on forcing makes it easier to get motivated about them and that's kind've the road I'm aimi
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