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  1. I haven't been on here for a while for a reason. I have a lot of mental problems and stressful life. I'm afraid of vinyl because there hasn't really been any scientific research done on tulpas to prove they're safe, but at the same time I don't want to hurt her. I think I have made a solution to this issue though. I might interact with Vinyl in the future but for now I'm not sure that's best. Good thing is that I actually formed another tulpa. Again it was slightly accidental but they and Vinyl are awesome together. They just cuddle and are happy without interference from me. Not to say I neve
  2. I really need to spend alone time with Vinyl. I have done passive forcing but little active forcing and I thing she really needs that. And I would definitely love it cause 99% of the time we're contacting it's cuddling. Weird thing though is that her personality is kinda differing from what I originally expected but that's fine. I'm going to try and steer it in certain directions but if she doesn't turn out like that I won't be strict about the personality.
  3. I have two questions: Is it ok for me to post on here as much as I do? And also I was wondering that if me seeing inappropriate or otherwise dark media would effect Vinyl's development in a negative way. Also I have pretty dark thoughts that are sometimes associated with a comic I'm planning to make and one of them kinda gave me a bit more of a jolt than usual. When I tried to tulpa force latter Vinyl seemed scared and needed to cuddle. Does anyone have any useful insight to this situation?
  4. I'm having an interesting problems right now. Ok to add context to this I should mention that I'm transgender (to be more specific I'm a demigirl which I know sounds stupid but it fits who I am. I'm a girl but I still feel nonbinary.) and I prefer female or gender neutral pronouns. Rose is also my chosen name and my birth name is some really guyish name that makes me feel really uncomfortable. The thing is that I'm 15 and under some uber conservative parents who sent me to an all boys school and shoving me approximately 9 miles further into the closet. So needless to say people see me as male,
  5. Thank you all so much ^^. I am using a mix of different methods including a really great one that's a great method for imposition that makes a tulpa more "huggable". Vinyl really likes hugs so far and so do I. When she embraces me in a hug it's just so warm, inviting and lovin. So I guess the whole making her "there" thing is working out fine. Personality wise she's still vague but there's a personality there that I'm trying to develope to. She's outgoing, sociable, and assertive like the fancanon Vinyl Scratch.
  6. Thank you two for the help ^w^. You were really reassuring and nice. Though I have a question that I hope someone out there can answer. I think at this point I'm still to some extent parroting what Vinyl says and does. I don't think she has sentience yet and even if she does she is really underdeveloped and sometimes she goes a really long time without doing anything until I engage her. She almost feels like a dream. Almost there but not quite. Do you have any suggestions for tulpa forcing that'll developed her personality, get on the road to sentience, and make her more...there? I am not loo
  7. Hello my name is Rose. I don't even know were to start with introducing myself so I guess I'll just explain my experience with what seems to be a tulpa and what I'm going to use this thread for. My friend introduced me to the idea of a tulpa a while back and I did a lot of research, mostly on this forum, and even though I started to make a tulpa based of a mlp character named Vinyl Scratch (don't judge me) I was scared of the possible negative effects and postponed it to another time. Well in the past couple of days I've been snuggling my teddy bear (again don't judge me) and I gave the teddy
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