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  1. What worries me most, however, is the maliciousness part. After reading about how Alexandra's tulpa seemingly turned evil, and about how Buddhist monks' tulpas can also do so and cause harm to them, I'm really starting to worry that given enough time and attention, a tulpa can go from a loving companion to Gaddafi. Have you ever had any experiences like this, where a tulpa goes evil and wild? Or do you know others who have had them? Thanks.
  2. Okay, so I've found the topic of 'tulpamancy' very interesting and I've been meaning to try it, but there are a few things that have really been bugging me. Please answer objectively, because I'm not willing to risk my mental health over something I've never tried before, even if it does land me with a lifelong companion. Also, it would be preferable if I could hear from more experienced people, those who have experienced both the good and bad. Will most tulpas eventually grow malicious? Because let's not forget that the person who introduced tulpas to the Western world had to cut off her own because it was growing malicious, and even Buddhist monks, with their incredible powers of concentration and being the poster children of spiritual goodness, at times had malicious tulpas that ended up harming some of them. If not all tulpas end up malicious, what are the specific criteria that would lead them to becoming corrupt, so to speak? And how do you prevent this? Will a tulpa become sentient knowing that it isn't real and is just a hallucination? When do we know when a tulpa has been fully developed? How do we know that a tulpa is even real, and not just our imagination getting stronger? What happens when you base tulpas off predetermined models, such as fictional people, even if they aren't 100% the same? Will they come to know of this? If a tulpa were to suddenly become power-hungry/evil/corrupt, how do I stop it, or revert it back, or remove it? Will having a tulpa direct too much of my attention of them that it would be harder for me to function normally in society? I'd also rather not risk my real friends over a hallucination, frankly speaking. Finally, I've read a few long guides, but since they at times give different ways to deal with different stages of the process, which guide worked for you? Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate you guys' help.