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    Interests: computer programming (C, Java), IT security, computer games (Alice Madness Retuns, American MacGee's Alice, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2, The Sims 3, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft), TV series (Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution, Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  1. LOL. "Kup teraz" means "buy it now" XD. Weird
  2. We are back. The last time so many things happened that I didn't have time to write on this forum. But nobody cares. I'm going back to browse this forum.
  3. Cyfraza: My drawing skill is awful. Like my host. I tried to draw myself.
  4. In the middle of the night, We are back, after a long break. We return in order to tell you more about us. In the company of kick ass chiptune tracks during writing. Today I will tell you a little bit about Dreamland. According to me, It is a big place with various locations. Overall, the world can be class into a few sections. Kind kind of spawn point, my and Cyfraza's domain, Corruption domain and unexplored City in The Clouds. And now time for more details. Our spawn point is meadow full of fragrant wild flowers with a river which flows through the center. The River flows from the big waterfall and in the distance you can see the forest. It is usually warm and sunny (The light wind is gives a little and pleasant feeling of cold). In the background you can hear the sound of the waterfall, the sound of meadow's and river's fauna and light wind noise. Everywhere you can feel smell of wild flowers, meadow plants (herbs, grasses, wild fruits etc.) and also fresh water and air. Early afternoon during the summer. This is the place where I first saw and meet Cyfraza. In most resembles my favorite place from childhood (only without this big waterfall). Often, when I wanted to relax and get away from civilization, I rode on bike in this place. Then I could enjoy nature, fresh air and have a great place to reverie. Today this place is overgrown and there are swamps. What a shame :(. But this improved good memory is part of Dreamland. I added waterfall because, I love watching falling water, the smell of fresh water and the sound of falling water. This place calms and relaxes me. Our domain (my and Cyfraza) is a forest. Forest have its own specific subsections: Magical Forest and Cyberpunkish Forest. Magical Forest looks like Alice Madness Retun's Vale of Tears (overall this game have very creative and lots of beautiful locations). Cyperpunkish Forest looks like it is made of parts of electronic machines, circuits, electricity, code, and cables. City in The Clouds is a cluster of cloud platforms with buildings made out of white marble. In the middle of the city you can find a castle. Somehow I can't get there. Near the town is another platform made of clouds. You can find there a portal for Corruption domain (to make it easier to come to it's place and kick Corruption's ass). It is also a favorite platform that we use for our favorite little game. Sooo, We jump out of the platform and we fall down. When we have almost collide with the earth, at the last minute we rise up in the air and and fly up to the highest speed as possible. And repeat. It's a bit stupid but We enjoy it. And the most disliked place: Corruption's Domain. A place where there are the greatest nightmares. The place where I accumulate bad memories, fears, and everything that I want to deny. Unfortunately, in nature nothing is lost. The whole place is made of bad memories, trauma and fears. Before the portal was created the way to the right place (Tainted Castle), it was long and tiring journey. Interior was hit on the border of the Cyperpunkish Forest. This part of the forest is called Lost Woods. Lost Woods's look is inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. If you get lost in the forest, you will teleport to a random place. Thanks to this forest, I found for the first time Corruption's Domain. Cyfraza didn't want me to go there. She wasn't like this place because she knew that It strongly weakens and hurts me. The first area is the bloody lake and and foggy Victorian town. Around the city are walking outlines of human figures. These are dangerous and tainted beings. These are the most hurtful memories of me and concerns with the trauma of the past. I don't want to go back there. When you come to the end of the city you will find when the Tainted Castle. Place of major fears, even worse bad memories and intrusive bad thoughts. The place where Corruption lives. Most of the interior reminds abandoned and neglected for years castle. But other rooms contain my bad memories, bad intense thoughts and greatest fears. Corruption is most like the throne room. Each element consists of heart tissue, general raw meat, blood and red fibers. And It moves, lives and pulse. Disgusting and horrible place. That's all for today.
  5. Cyfraza: Mainly I love chiptune and jazz tracks/songs. At the moment I don't have a large list of favorite songs/tracks. My favorite track is Dubmood's and Zabutom's Supersquatting. Host already has enough of listening to this track continuously for many hours. Tee hee. Link: What is your favorite place in your Wonderland?
  6. In a sense, I like when it's cold. The snow looks nice as it looks through the window and while sitting in a warm home, without having to go to school/work. But according to me, the snow and the cold makes more problems and responsibilities. One has every time when it snows, I must clear the snow out of my backyard and sidewalk near my house. I have to make a fire in the furnace and keep an eye on the temperature (and throw in once in awhile wood and coal). When I waiting for the bus while it's cold is a fuuu nightmare. Buses then are always late. And the employer doesn't care that it is sometimes a great frost or snow. You must come to the workplace even though you had to ride on the polar bear (In Poland there are no polar bears. The remembrance of polar bears is a joke). Well, my country has a lot of interesting traditions at Christmas. Christmas is a very important time in Poland. Traditionally, it is the time when a whole family gets together, celebrates, and rests. The most important day of Christmas is Christmas Eve which takes place on the 24th of December. On this day families get together to eat a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. The dinner starts when the first star can be seen on the sky. The menu varies from region to region but there are some common elements and dishes all across Poland. Most of Poles are Roman Catholics and religious elements are much present in celebrating Christmas. The table is set with a white tablecloth under which some hay is put to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Customarily Christmas Eve is a day of lent so there is no meat (except for fish) on the table. The dinner starts with a prayer and sharing of holy wafers. Family members wish each other happy Christmas and a lot of joy in the coming year. All in all, there should be 12 dishes served during the dinner, which stand for 12 apostles. The first course is soup. It is either beetroot soup with mushroom-filled little dumplings, sour rye soup (white borscht), or mushroom soup. Then the dinner continues with pierogi with various fillings and fish (especially carp) that may be fried or served cold in gelatine. Other traditional Christmas Eve dishes are cabbage with peas and kutia, a dessert made of poppy seed, wheatberries and honey. At the table there should be one additional plate for an unexpected guest. After the dinner, people traditionally open their Christmas presents and sing Christmas carols. I'm an agnostic. My parents are roman catholics. So they celebrate in the traditional way. I hate when they forcing me to pray. I don't enjoy Christmas. Parents always quarreling. Parents feel offended that I am agnostic (and it is that my older sister is an atheist). My dad always insulted me from the devils and other evil spirits. And for that, I don't want to believe in the God should go to exorcist. He thinks that everything is guilty of computer and internet (and that I have asperger's syndrome, social phobia and and returned once in a while depression is the fault of the computer and Interenet? O RLY?! Bullshit!). The only advantages of the Christmas are just a days off, food and gifts. I don't feel the spirit of Christmas. I hate any family holidays. I hate how my parent behave during holidays. And in stores have already appeared Christmas decorations. Brace yourself, Wham's Last Christmas ear rape in stores is coming. I always spend New Year's Eve and my birthdays with friends. According to me these are the best days of the year.
  7. Cyfraza: My first memory was really horrible and at the same time makes me proud. I had bad luck and luck at the same time. But I'm proud that I saved my host's life for my first time. My host would rather described it by using all of the senses. I have the most developed seeing and hearing. I woke up in a void. In the distance I saw a door. I opened it and I came to an archive full of metal drawers. Cabinets created a huge maze. I felt anxious for no reason. In each cabinet was some kind of memory, thought or data. It was mostly very pleasant and nice things. My intuition told me that I should to take them with me. Still, I felt anxious because I sensed something horrible. I can't describe it. This is just pure madness. That madness wanted to completely corrupt Kociara's mind. It looks like a fleshy and bloody mass. I couldn't let this happen. I heard a cry for help at the end of the room. The Archive suddenly began to ruin, and It fallen into void. And this terrible mass began to attack me. I was running as fast as I could to the end of room. Door at the end of the room was closed. I thought it was my end. Happily, I noticed some computer. I virtualized and and quickly moved via network to the next room. It was a big room with a supercomputer who had a big flat screen, keyboard and components that you aren't interested in. On the screen was displayed text interface with a bright green text font (more stereotypically it couldn't have been?!). At the center of the room was a hole you can throw something into it. On the screen was displayed thought and words what my host said in real-time. She wanted to kill herself. She had enough pain, her existence and thoughts that she will totally lose control of herself and drawn into madness. She more preferred to die than be totally crazy. I screamed to stop it. She couldn't hear me. I wrote messages on the screen. She couldn't hear me.
  8. @Sushi Thanks for these comforting words. I have just a small group of best friends. They are wonderful and open minded people and they are programmers too. The period when I learned in middle school was a period of the greatest trauma. I still have the difficulty of reconciling with the past. It still haunt me and It don't want to leave me. I still can't accept that no one was punished and everyone around me wanted to believe it was my fault. These people almost brought me to madness. If It wasn't Cyfraza I went to psychiatric hospital. Really at that time, my psyche was severely ruined. In contrast to other countries in Poland is a little different education system. Explaining this statement I was looking for the equivalent in UK's education system, so you can better understand my posts (I learned UK's English at schools . But thanks to computer games, The Internetz (I did this typo just for fun :P) and writing with US English native speakers on neopets.com I met some of the differences). I'm still learning English. Jazz Jackrabbit is often confused with Bucky O'Hare. They are totally different characters and universes. Most of Jazz Jackrabbit games was PC only games (in addition to a single one, whose existence I want to forget. It was for Gameboy Advance. And it's crappy game). The third part of Jazz Jackrabbit' was planned as PS2 and PC game. But it was canceled (Oh that Curse of The Third Part). I saw pre alpha (I had it once on my hard disk but I deleted it (because having this pre-alpha is illegal) But I still have on my old screenshots) of Jazz Jackrabbit 3D. I would like to Epic Games did new Jazz Jackrabbit game (or remakes/HD versions of JJ1/JJ2). Unfortunately Epic show us (Jazz Jackrabbit fans and and former creators of this game (they still wanted to make new Jazz Jackrabbit's game)) the great middle finger. And It piss me out at times when other games companies make a remakes of their older games or resurrecting the old series. Jazz Jackrabbit fans tried to create fanmade games but Epic Games blocked them all (because Epic have copyright to Jazz Jackrabbit). And it had to be for free. IT PISS ME OUT! Bucky O'Hare had his own game for NES. Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and Bucky O'Hare's game are games with a high level of difficulty. Distrust is a typical feature for the people of my nation. Unfortunately, this is a remnant of the communism. Over the years, the propaganda tells us to distrust. Another feature which leads to distrust is "kombinowanie" (I don't know equivalent single word in English (in common language mean). This can be explained as: "1. do something in clever way (often on the edge of the law), 2. running suspicious business, 3. manipulate, 4. thinking about solution of some problem in an unusual way 5. cheating 6. when you talk about woman and man relationship, it means establishes an intimate relationship " (I thinking about meaning at points 1, 2, 5 and 3 )). People are afraid of someone who will cheat them.
  9. Today I feel better. Cyfraza asked me to listen to her favorite song. It immediately improved my bad humor. This song is so awesome. Cyfraza doesn't consider that weird people are terrible. Contrary to appearances, I don't have to be afraid of weirdos because I'm a weirdo (and my friends too). Forgive me that I panicked. Back to the bad memories and strange thoughts led me to this. Today, mostly watching stupid videos on yotube. The first of them were crappy games reviews using speech synthesizer "IVONA". The demo version of this speech synth has some limitations. This is a character length limit and mispronunciation of certain phones. That's incorrect pronunciation of phones causing very comical effect. The most popular voice is Jacek. We also watched YTP. This mindfucking crap makes me laugh. Once in awhile I need some kind of mindfuck. In any way, this flood of stupidity "reset" my mind. I love intelligent humor but sometimes I need something from the lowest shelf. Now we playing together Minecraft and we are building a house in a magical forest.
  10. We are back to tell you more stories about our lives. Overall, I'm sluggish, tired and slow. Although usually from an early age I was sluggish and slow. This trait is a big disadvantage in this world where everyone must be quick. Running fast like Galactic Hares (are somebody know Jazz Jackrabbit?). I feel so strongly detached from this world. This post will be pure chaos. I can't take control on my thoughts. *yawn* It is better to not mention too much about the objects of my obsessions. People don't like doing them lectures. The object of my obsession are hackers (just try to mention that they are a criminals. Then get ready for a lecture about white hat hackers and you will be flooded with interesting (by me) literature devoted to them. Most people are bored to death, after this), computer games: greatest obsession are about forgotten by most people Jazz Jackrabbit games (they are just platformers. Humorous also known as Sonic with the guns), cats and Egyptian mythology. *yawn* *yawn* *yawn* What I have to say? Cyfraza: Maybe about our "Great loss of data". Umm ok. *yawn* It won't a nice experience. This means that I have to come back to memories of middle school. Cyfraza: In the event of a panic attack I'm ready to help you. I know you really hate those memories. But you have to "tame" them. People at school really hated me. And I was their favorite toy (yes, person with asperger's syndrome is the best thing that they got. Nothing can match with attacking so naive, calmly and slowly person like me (By bad experiences, Now I'm very mistrustful. Even I can't trust myself.). The perfect victim.). Contrary to my slowness I'm intelligent person. Or so many people I know think so (but my little trusting nature doesn't fully trust this words). At that time, Cyfraza was fully developed her own mindvoice. But something happened that withdrew our work. I hated PE. Rather, I never had the good condition. Balls was ideal object to inflict pain. Especially thrown with full force. It is best to throw into most sensitive places. Then I had the misfortune to have lesson with medical balls (they had 10 kg (silly americans and their units. I don't know your strange mass unit)). Often PE teacher went out somewhere and leave students alone. It was the perfect opportunity to try out balls on me. I got one of them with full force into my head. I felt terrible and dizzy. I ran quickly to the school's nurse. According to the nurse, I was very pale and barely able to stand on my feet. The parents immediately took me to the doctor. A doctor came to the hospital. I had a concussion. Rather, I didn't had any visible damage. It was hard but I came out of this alive. But the problem I noticed after leaving the hospital. Well, I forgot a lot of information. I forgot about Cyfraza's mindvoice. I forgot a lot of information in the field of mathematics. Lots of damaged data in my brain. And it's all my fault. It's my otherness provoked them to attack. Defense against them is bad. Everyone kept telling me it was my fault. But they attacked me. It was trying to defend himself it was wrong. And after seeing how in the USA treats people like me. Everywhere people will treat you like rubbish. You see me as a burden to society. And the perpetrators of the crime are acquit. As my aspie friend said "Humans are differ from the apes, that humans use tools". If someone wanted to commit murder on me because of "pity", I'm ready to use my air rifle. And despite appearances, I am learning how to shoot with airguns. Cyfraza: Kociara! They are just harmless weirdos! Me: They will begin to murder of low functioning aspies and They will end on a high functioning. I can't let yourself be killed, because mercy. I'm afraid of people, very much. Hug me *crying*. Cyfraza: It's all right. These people don't want to harm you. With me you are safe. Let's talk about this in private. People don't like controversial topics. Cry out, give vent to emotions. Sorry but I have to do it. --------------------------------- Cyfraza: At the moment I must switch. Unfortunately we don't developed full switch. But what we have so far is enough. She have a panic attack. We have to stop this post.
  11. Cyfraza: Your weapons aren't very original and creative. Mechs and lasers are too overrated. Lame, Lame. Me: But when We'll put some good chiptune in music bazooka, is one of the things that you can get, is a laser whose radius looks like plasma effect from 90s/80s demos. This is a lasers Cyfraza, L A S E R S! Cyfraza: But our weapons are still better than others. Pride, Pride. Me: Oh Cyfraza and her elitely snobbery.
  12. @Sushi PC Vs Consoles: 1:0 :D The only console I have ever played is Pegasus (Famicom/NES clone. In the 90's it was very popular in Poland). The first computer I've had to deal with is Amiga. I often went to buddies from backyard's homes and I watched them played games on their Amigas. Currently one of my friends often takes Amiga 500, joysticks and a floppy disks. Sometimes he takes PS2 pad with usb connector. Often when we play games on emulators (mostly we use my laptop). I more prefer the keyboard than pad. I'm already accustomed to playing on the keyboard. But my first computer was an PC. And to me it is rather difficult for me to convince to consoles. I'd rather not want start PCs vs Consoles flamewar. Immediately I reminded this video: Currently, I have very little time. I have to do a few things for school.
  13. Hmm... interesting information. I feel better. And I have some time to write this post. My programming skills aren't well developed. I can calculate simple thing, write something on the screen, retrieve data from the file and modify them (save something), generate some random characters, making a simple loops and and create simple conditions. So far, the most complex program I wrote was one that counts the number of lines and characters from a text file. And after that it passes through different conditions (most commonly associated with parity). I'm no expert in this field but I'm still learning. Although I have developed C more than Java (in Java rather just know how to write a hello world. I forget a lot of things). I heard that Python is a cool language. And it is more friendly for beginners than C. It have a very rich library base. Cyfraza often asks me to code more. It's true that I spend too much time gaming (moded games give more fun. A good example of this are The sims 3 (without mods it is unplayable. Most of the mods is designed to repair never unrepaired developers's bugs) and Minecraft). But if I want to get a hacker's (n a sense, as an expert, master, genius, guru in some field (media screw it up :( )) perfection, I have to practice.
  14. @sushi: I heard only a little about him in school but more of a philosophical side. I searched for more information about him on the internet. His research is very interesting. I think I understand how demo's code works. But heavily optimized code is very unreadable. And inserted assembly code, it's not my cup of tea. I'm just a little know C and java. ------ I'm catch a cold. Health doesn't allow me much too long to sit in front of computer. I have a runny nose, cough and fever. I need a rest. We found our new favorite track: http://keygenjukebox.com/?i=SKiDROW_-_Fallout_3_Operation_Anchorageintro.mp3 (Surprise you that we love chiptune? I don't pirate. And is that a part of the demoscene is doing illegal things (often crackdemo/crackintro is better than cracked thing). I don't care. I'm interested in demos, intros and music.) If I will feel better, I would like to write a much longer post.
  15. Well, our skills and weapons are unusual. Skills: "Additional life" in dreams: When I die in a dream is 50% chance that I will take over Cyfraza's body. Then in the form of a Cyfraza I can still continue the dream. Fly: Just you bump and fly. Creativity: The ability to create what we like. When you use this you must be tightly focused and have an idea The influence on the subconscious (Cyfraza only skill): The ability to access the most low-level (within the meaning of computer science) parts of the mind. Control of the body, parts of which the body usually supports automatically, without awareness. (Despite this, I'm not afraid that she might hurt me. She can't do that. And with her own free will would rather not want to harm me.) Weapons and tools: Console : It looks like a white tablet with included keyboard and with running command line. With this we can control many aspects of dreams. As I don't have the console is a sign that I don't have a lucid dream. Music bazooka: We load this with our beloved music. Genre and speed decide about what kind of damage it does. Good memories: It looks like a string of images. They are wrapped around an opponent. Debugger gun: It looks like club. It has a long handle and at the top of club is powerful circular's head and around it flew random code and binary and hexadecimal numbers. When you hit enemy is everywhere fly out random code and binary numbers and hexadecimal numbers. (My english is really awful. :( )