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  1. Be advised that you are naked under the clothing the rest of the time.
  2. Identity is a deception. Thoughts reference themselves as belonging to a self. But if you look back at them, they are their own entities.
  3. It takes a lot of philosophical consideration to establish a tenable semi-existence for people, given how pseudo-sentient they are. I recommend "A Statement of the Trinitarian Principle", which argues against Unitarianism (which solipsism can be included in), and "Materialism and Empirio-criticism". I believe that Solipsism and man's modern atomism is derivative of his tendency towards Monotheistic thinking and living (which the old physic's overemphasized clockwork conception can be included in). The ancient's universe had many aspects while still being one entity.
  4. Day 47 or something I've decided that people exist, albeit as objects generated by the television. Science mother fucker.
  5. You're just not ye standard Catholic, Cinemaphobe.
  6. Day 16 Passive forcing may be becoming easier again. I tried another Buddhist centre but all this one talks about is suffering. My legs are definitely autonomous beings so I am making them into "tulpas". This project was successful. My legs carry out the task given to them.
  7. I can't handle this name, it's mmmm, mmmmm, I don't know.
  8. when I was a boy, the church had a club and I got pizza. It was almost meaningful.
  9. Lol. NDE's occur amongst people with flatlined brain activity. A few observe and accurately report surgery from the viewpoint of the ceiling.
  10. Technically, only 7-8 hours of sleep is really even healthy. If you sleep for more than that, it's just because you're making up for lost sleep previous days - or may have a health problem. I find that if I sleep more than eight hours, I am not well rested. Often I am most well rested when I wake up naturally on the minimal side of sleep than the maximimal side. I find it curious that you of all people would be satisfied in your life, you seem one of the least satisfied people here.
  11. Day 10 Started to try to re-apply passive forcing, but need more sleep before I can do it seriously; was up last night attending a drunk surrogate. My fatigue is gone. Attended another Buddhist "class"; the woman is leaving, but another stupa seems to have gotten it's act together. The book I ordered came in. Day 11 Minor forcing. Took a break from my spiritual affairs, worked on my Chinese translation. I accidentally made it rain today. I'm going to try not to think about the weather, it seems very susceptible. Day 12 weather continues to be accidentally modified. In the future will try to excercise with image. I tried to take the image to game night. It was moderately succesful. Day 13 I was able to put a stop to my accidental weather modifications.
  12. I once had a dream I flushed myself down the toilet, but it was voluntary. The doors were locked.
  13. No one is more stable than I am, I don't know what you are basing this on. Admittedly, I do sometimes revert to video games if I am tired, but I am working on abolishing tiredness and finding alternatives. No one's perfect. And sometimes I feel down, but I can just read a few lines from the Avesta to dispell it or command it verbally if that doesn't work.