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  1. Sanae's is October 14th. I go by date of creation.
  2. It comes down to the maturity of the person receiving the information and how that information is presented. Stereotyping doesn't get anyone anywhere. A lot of people on this site are likely teens still in high school, as I am, but we have the mentality to go about this the right way. Sushi makes a good point, creating a tulpa is kind of like being a parent, should you see it in that way. A person won't kill their kid because they're bored of it. Same should go for a tulpa. Should the person choose to start forcing a tulpa into existence they should understand exactly what they're doing. Assuming the person is sane, it shouldn't lead to a sex slave or an object of abuse. Simply put, the presenter should ask the audience to research further on the topic if they're interested in it and understand the moral and ethical parts of this entire subject.
  3. Just give him time, my tulpa Sanae is about the same way still. She's about a month and week old. Some times it feels like she pulls out of what I'm thinking she'll say but say something different. Don't start doubting at all. Drop it from your thought and continue on. Stay enthusiastic about it and believe in him. Just takes time.
  4. 11/12-11/18 Nothing new other than the usual days and my normal falling asleep. Nonetheless, Sanae has been increasingly more active. Starting reading a book to her and she's been enjoying it so far. It's been fun visualizing the environments and following the story with her. She'll comment on something that happens every now and then but tends to stay quiet and just listen. I forget to update this a lot.
  5. Just settle it with it should take as long as it takes(That's as far as how i see it). Do each trait for as long as you can and move on to next. A nice point is to always be optimistic about it and make sure that you fully believe that your tulpa is getting it. and for the other part, that would probably go into the metaphysical/parapsych talks and massive walls of text. I've got my own beliefs and theories but I won't mention them here since im too tired to type much else. Hope this helps out in some way.
  6. 11/7-11/10 Normal same ol same ol including falling asleep trying to force. I'm glad Sanae's been able to put up with it. 11/11 basic day with a slight surprise, it seem Sanae has gotten clearer in her voice. Although it seems she may have changed form again. It felt weird and off from her usual self. On top of this, I had trouble visualizing her old self so I might take that as a confirmation about that though I also had trouble bringing up the wonderland. I'll need to work on that, my have something to do with her changes to it. And thanks K/Host, never thought of it that way
  7. 11/4 Same old normal day. It appears Ive become very tired during the night, as I seem to fall asleep everytime I try to force or mediditate. 11/5 Same problem as last night, dropped off trying to meditate. 11/6 Interesting topic popped up on the bus while talking to Sanae. I was explaining a theory to her when it seems I hit something when I mentioned an anology that she was essentially "pulling from my mind's repo to learn" and she chimed in and started crying while she explained she felt guilty about leeching off of my experiences and knowledge. If there was anytime for an emotion wave to hit me, it was then 'cause my eyes ended up tearing as well. I hugged her and calmed her down explaining that she isnt a leech and I want her to be able to learn in the best way possible. She understood and calmed down and quickly went back to her usual cheerful self. Other than this, day went by pretty normally. Plannjng on watching anime tonight and try to discuss it with her while we force. If anyones interested in said theory feel free to say
  8. 11/2 A simple sunday with a twist: I managed to nearly make my phone into a small tablet. Throughout most of my time trying to fix it I often found my mind drifting to Sanae. Everytime this happened she'd chime in with a "What're you doing?" and I'd go on to explain how badly I screwed up my phone. I forced at times and passived when I couldnt stop and force. 11/3 Usual school day. On the bus I found that my mind tends to wander off quite a bit. One topic seems to go into the rest and it seems to bore Sanae when we're forcing. Ive been working on having some constant focus on her to keep her awake. Later on we forced a little bit and I found she's made the yard into a garden. Its still nice to see that shes making changes to the wonderland. Will try to force tonight if I dont get caught up doing other stuff.
  9. 10/30-11/1 All normal days. Sanae and have started to drop into conversations a lot easier now. Although, I've been falling asleep either before or during our forcing sessions. Speaking of which, Sanae decided to add a front yard to our house in our wonderland. I feel like she's been doing things in there and hiding it from me. [i am] I'll try to force tonight and look around.
  10. Speaking of shogi, I know some weird variation of it one of my Japanese culture teachers taught me when I lived in Japan(Though I feel like a lot of that time was wasted considering I didn't do much and my weebness didn't come around until about a year after my family moved backed stateside). Thanks for the other advice too well then, we apparently missed a good chunk of time. 10/26-10/27 Two very ordinary days of forcing and other things of my life. Nothing really interesting happened 10/28 Normal morning up until Sanae and I decided to do a parallel processing exercise involving counting while I do something else. Very interestingly, when Sanae had lost count and she stopped to start over, I heard a very faint and quieter voice keep counting as well. Doubts hit me and later after returning home I consulted guys on the IRC (Namely Nobillis and GM, thanks guys) who had told me that it it was probably Sanae's own inner thoughts. This led to my own deeper understanding of her "tulpaness" and helped me further confirm her sentience(Yay!). Later we worked on an exercise GM suggested in which we try to get Sanae to be the dominant thinker in our head. I can perfectly say damn she got quite loud in there. We were only really able to retain it for a couple minutes and she did get pretty loud in my head in terms of volume. I cannot even replicate the volume right now. 10/29 Usual basic day. I figured out that Sanae sounds a lot clearer which may be a side effect of my clearer understanding of her or the dominance thing we tried out last night. I also seem to be able to visualize her for as a whole much clearer now as well. I think an understanding of your tulpa leads to an easier time for h/h to develop I might post something on this if it hasn't been already. Will update later Sa: Hi!
  11. I've only recently populated my wonderland and they're all really at the discretion of Sanae. If the need arises for weapon of some sort, I'd say a scythe would work
  12. 8/24 Usual day yet again. Decided to skip out on forcing today and watch some more stuff with Sanae. In specific it was first ep of build fighters. Here's to mechs growing on her likes. Other than that, it was a mostly uneventful day. 8/25 Woke up and forced for who knows how long. Talked with Sanae about usual things. Most of the session ended up being myself admiring her form. I am really liking her new one rather than the old basic Sanae. The only thing left of her original form is the hair pin and ribbon. Sanae seems to be becoming more talkative slowly. Went to the mall and had to go through Dillards in which as soon as she was brought to mind she asked if we could look around. As much as I was at dismay at her choices, I was also happy since her priorities obviously differed from my own. Later on while sitting around we practiced possession and she managed to slowly move my pinky finger just a little bit. Not much but I see it as serious progress. At this point she chimes in every now and then to comment on something I'm looking at. Still progress regardless. Also a question: What are some good ways to work on parallel processing? I haven't been able to find many things on the subject and guides either don't exist or were deleted. We've been working on possession as a means to strengthen our parallel processing and also as a stepping stone into switching but I want some other ways to work this.
  13. 8/21 Did a little morning forcing and forced some on the bus. As of writing I don't much remember too much other than Sanae and I figured out her appearance in total. She is now 5"5', wears a black blazer style school uniform with black/white stripes thigh highs, loafers, long silvery white hair that covers her right eye with a black ribbon and Sanae's hair pin on the left side, and crimson eyes. I personally like the new form she's created for herself. It surprised me at first when I entered our wonderland and it felt a little odd and hard to visualize for a while. 8/22 Same basic day except we decided to start working on possession. Our method is a mix of me letting go obviously and a glove thing for Sanae. First attempts felt questionable and like I was in control the entire time. 8/23 Another same basic day with work on possession while on the bus and during my Spanish class. We tried again during my algebra class with some promising results. We tried our method and I managed to experience the "it's asleep but feels different" thing that Chupi had described. Our test was simply I would hold my pen in a way that if a slight but obvious movement of my thumb happened, it would fall. The feeling set in and when it had reached my thumb and stayed for a bit the pen dropped and I knew Sanae had been figuring it out. I'm really happy with this outcome and hope it helps out with our parallel processing. Plan on more possession practice tonight.
  14. Just a little tid bit: I do agree with amber in that this should be in a pr and it may have a little bit to do with your tulpa, though, all humans do dream regardless during rem sleep and this may have(and no doubt is) more over been your first time remembering a dream.