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  1. ok... basically im forcing my tulpa like 5 months.. there some days in the beginning of the process that i forgot to force... but its gone... now im forcing every day... i have a friend with a tulpa over 1 year and he kinnda guide me.. so in the last two weeks i can talk with my tulpa and kinnda feel what she saying! i feel that she saying some thing correct... but i cant hear here... my friend says to me to try translate my feeling of her to her voice... and i can hear her now but i dont now if its me saying that and not her... i dont really now if i have tulpa... i really need help with this one :/
  2. I am not dreaming almost a year... its was so weird... I don't dream... just don't... it my 20 day that I talking to my tulpa... trying to create her... and I started to dream!!! I dream yesterday.. I don't know if its because I start to create her... but I was missing to this feeling :D
  3. Hello, I am trying to create Tulpa. I talk to her almost a week but I can not see her face ... I just can not concentrate on them ... My Tulp is a white Tigger, I can imagine her sitting and I can also imagine her ears and the fur around the face but can not see her face!!! I do not know why ... And when I start to talk to her I begin to imagine what I'm talking about and I can not see her again... I see her body without a face, and when I start talking to her I imagine what I tell her and then when I want to see her again it's hard for me to concentrate on her again ... thanks to helpers :)