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  1. Same as topic? How can I stop parroting? I just would like to talk to Daisy without Parroting.
  2. Well, I have been talking to Daisy a lot today. She seems to be very curious of a lot of things. I also haven't told you about my "Wonderland" so let me tell you. My wonderland is a Heaven like sky world. It was based on a word in Metroid Prime 3 ,because I always thought it looked peaceful.(The world was called "Skytown" in Metroid. My wonder lands have many platforms and stuff. I tried to have fun with Daisy today. Like playing kickball which you kick the ball very far away and you can fly and try to kick it back. I don't play sports really, so I don't know the rules. I am just making them up. Today, my sis got a new horror game, "The Evil Within" and when I ask Dasiy what she think. She told me "It looks Horrifying" So, it seems she not into Horror. I am interested to see what she is interested in.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will no longer doubt Daisy. I will just trust that it her and do my best to trust.
  4. Saturday,OCT 18, 2014. Well, I have been trying to force a lot. Talking to Daisy. It feels strange. It does not feel like a big chore to me,but I am just hoping that I am not making up my conversation with Daisy right now in my head. I think I am,because she is talking in her own voice, and she seems to be talking in full phases,but I would hate to doubt Daisy. This is really my second day of forcing. So I will just keep talking to her.
  5. How can I tell if my Tulpa is talking. I ask this because, I have a big imagination. And when I force and talk to Daisy (The tulpa I am working on) It feels like she is talking to me,but I know it would be too fast since I just started and that it is most likely me making it up. So how does it feel to have a Tulpa talk to you?
  6. Thanks for the answers . Sorry, I thought thank you earlier. But thanks. :)
  7. Friday,OCT 17, 2014 Well, on this guide https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2s9aG_XNo9kNGdLQ19fVWE2b2s/edit -> Well, I just read up to the part about narration and Visualization. Well, It seems that active forcing and passive forcing are kind of easy and not that bad of a chore at all. You just spend time with your tulpa and talk however you want. Now I am having a hard time with vitalization daisy. I am really not sure how this process work. Do I just image Daisy in the form I want. I am worry that something won't come out prefect,but that may just be me. The forcing seems easy. I would just talk to Daisy and interact with her. I am just worry that I will just be imageing her voice. I hope I will know when it is the "Alien Voice", Daisy's Voice. I just have to get used to all this thinking stuff.
  8. So it won't hurt if I just skip this part. Because I would like to see what my Tulpa be without me writing any character traits. Would it hurt anything? Ninja post Well, lets see all the character traits I have. 1.Daisy can be kind 2.She is often Curious 3.She can be playful 4.She can be stubborn 5.She can be creative Five right now. I may still need to write some more.
  9. How many character traits would be enough. What would be a good number for Character traits for a tulpa? Or is it up to you?
  10. Thanks for the useful information guys. Really helpful. I really don't have a room and all the rooms in the house are taking up for now. So I could tulpaforce in the living room throughout the night because it gets quite and nobody be in there or in the bathroom. So it will most likely be in the bathroom throughout the day and maybe once a night. (As long as I am not sleepy) I decided to give her the name, Daisy.
  11. Hello,guys. I am Evol. Also known as Theonesuperx or Buried Alive. This is my progress thread about me and my Tulpa. How Did I find out about Tulpas. Well, it all started when I was watching this video on Youtube that was making fun of the Roblox talk fourm. One user on therewas talking about a Tulpa and I wanted to know what it mean, so I tried it looking up the world " Tulpas" and I was surpised. I was mind blown. So well, I kept looking up about Tulpas Wednesday night. At first, I thought it had something to do with some crazy "black magic",but it not being all that mubo jumbo and it being a real person, friend that only you can see, made me smile in the inside. I wanted to try to make one. I read the FAQs on Tulpas and some more facts. I was surprised about what they could do. Well, I learned a lot of things about Tulpas. One for sure is that you MUST ALWAYS give your attention and be sure you even want to make one in the first place instead of just say " Wow, sounds freaking cool. I am about to try right now" Then start forcing. I know it seem I have did that,but I know I want a friend. I have no friends IRL.(My life is not horrible.) I have a brother and sister, and a family. It just, now I want to have a friend, who would hopefully be happy with me forever,That only I can see. Also am I the only one here who is also interested in game designing and wanted to make a tulpa? I am making a RPG Game right now. Well, let get started. Thursday, OCT 16, 2014 Well, I have written down twenty character traits for my Tulpa. I am following this guide for now. I am following this guide > https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2s9aG_XNo9kNGdLQ19fVWE2b2s/edit I am not sure how to tulpaforce because I don't want my parents to see me really. What should I do? I will come up with something. (Also the tulpa I am making is female.)
  12. I have a other question, can a tulpa make a tulpa?
  13. ok, thanks for the answer. Also, would it hurt if I write my traits on my computer in a notepad or somewhere. (Since no one really looks on my computer.)
  14. Hello, I am new here. When I discovered Tulpas, my mind was blown. It amazes me what the mind can do. So I am here to ask you some question of how I can start. 1. I am a little confuse about how to start making a Tulpa. Do I sit down and close my eyes and think really hard. Is sitting down require? (While sitting down is no problem for me.) 2. Can a Tulpa have babies and do the babies stay with you forever and grow up? 3.Would a Tulpa need to eat? or Want to eat? (The reason I ask this because I love eating) 4.Can a Tulpa be the "host" (take crontrol of my body) and how does that feel. 5. How would I enter my wonderland.? Is it like dreaming. Is it just imaging you there? How does that work too?