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  1. This video led me too Tulpas sadly. Not sad about discovering Tulpas but more of how I discovered it.
  2. In some guides I read narration is described as sitting in a quiet space and talking with your mind voice towards your tulpa but in other guides it is described as vocally directing towards your tulpa. Do both methods work? and if they both do which yields "better results"? Is it one of those situations where "it's different for everyone". I apologize if these are stupid questions even though they say there are no stupid questions I still believe there are to a degree.
  3. Thanks, I am very paranoid when it comes to anything of such a scale and what you have said here gives me assurance.
  4. I am only 2 days into the creation process and I narrate to my tulpa alot and I had some concerns on how I am doing it. When I narrate I imagine the form and a talk with my mind voice to it. When I do narrate though I do it from 2 to 30 minutes in weird bursts of times as at 1:30 I may do narrating for 30 min then 2:43 narrate for 5 min. I don't exactly follow a schedule. Can doing this prove harmful to the process? The major thing I am worried about is when I did start narrating I got slight headache and when I stopped it went away but now as I do it more the headaches are not coming in when I narrate. I used the slight headaches to confirm I was talking to my Tulpa. I still say her name when speaking to her and try hard to narrate at her instead of myself but I feel after just a day I already messed up the process and lost her. Is there any other way to confirm connection? or do I just assume she is listening and narrate for as long as it takes until she responds?
  5. Thanks for showing me this, now I don't understand after doing the things in that part of the guide do I narrate and talk about many topics to my tulpa and then somedays repeat imagining the traits symbolically being added to the tulpa. This seems easy enough but usual when I am doing something without problem or with ease I am doing it wrong. It seems very simple this entire process. It also seems like repetition is mainly the way to get a "complete" tulpa. I am still on my the path to sentience. I gave my tulpa a name "Tesserah" and I talk to her about the many things in my life and different topics. I do get slight headaches when I narrate but I am not sure if I am doing this all correctly. Sorry, if it seems I topic jump it's very natural for me to do so. Sorry, if I don't reply to all your posts as my internet is slow where I currently am. I do read what everyone posts here and it's very helpful when you do post. Any input you may have feel free to post because it really helps me through this journey that I will not stop.
  6. Thanks for the reply, when you visualized did you sit somewhere and think of his form in your mind for a good while and then do that again and again everyday? Can you remember any specifics?
  7. I have gone through reading many guides all the way through and they all have given me so much knowledge to this strange phenomenon. Even with all the great info I have received going through threads and guides. I am always left asking "Okay, what do I do now?" and it seems in every guide they unintentionally or purposely glide or dodge the question of where to start. Their answer for this is the Tulpa creation is different for everyone and it is up to you where to begin but it's not really a problem of where to begin but what to begin. Do I narrate to my tulpa everyday about the current happening and events? Then the same day also "force" the personality on it by saying it's this or that? I am extremely lost on where and how to begin, what is the first things to do, and the actions that will be habits in my everyday life to achieve a "complete" Tulpa. If anyone can give me any direction or even give examples to how you may have started yourself, it would be greatly appreciated.