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  1. I suppose we could add "except in Forum Games, in threads where it makes sense to do so".
  2. I find it nice when various system members give their opinion on something, especially when there are multiple different but well-thought-out points of view. What I'm less comfortable with is system members interrupting each other and whoever's typing it out recording this. It makes what would otherwise be a straightforward paragraph into an unreadable rainbow-colored mess. Also, group-effort shitposting by multiple system members is still shitposting. People using colors should also be aware that there are different themes and people using a different theme may make some colors nearly unre
  3. I'm sorry to join the discussion late. I think a balance is needed: Progress report rules need to be lax enough that people don't constantly worry if they're running afoul of them or whether they have to go elsewhere to mention that they loved their sandwich but their tulpa thought it was gross. At the same time, people usually read PRs because they want to know what it's like to make a tulpa and then how life with them is. As such, a post about how your system went to see a movie, how you interacted during it, what it was like when a stranger sat on one of your tulpas, etc. should be allowed.
  4. That is a normal space. I don't know why Chrome doesn't wrap between "and" and "GeorgeTownRaja". I would tend to blame Chrome, but I'm guessing it's following standards since Edge has the same weird behavior.
  5. Click them to find out. Make sure sound is on.
  6. Obviously by reading the URL to the image At that rate it might be easier to convert the image itself into a base64 blob and read that.
  7. Yeah. It worked briefly for me and now it's broken again. I don't know what's doing it and will try to look further into it tomorrow. For now I've simply removed the "on:" so it just says created by.
  8. It should be fixed now. The issue was a MyBB update that changed how you get thread date and time in a template. The updater didn't fix our templates and nobody noticed the missing creation dates.
  9. In general, metaphysical discussion should be in the Metaphysics and Parapsychology subforum.
  10. I've moved this thread to the Lounge because it's only tangentially tulpa related. The redirect from Q&A will remain for a week. I suppose I'd be angry in the moment, but ultimately I would agree with her. It is just a dumb prank, and speaking practically you're not going to figure out who did it so there's no real point in dwelling on it. If I did know who it was, I might retaliate in some way and prepare for a prank war.
  11. Is it better now? I found the problem: style="max-size:300px" on an img. Max-size should be max-width. I changed it to max-width:100% and it now renders properly on my phone's Chrome. I have not tested in other phone browsers. I also fixed an issue that caused the same ad to appear after every post on mobile, which looked silly.
  12. It's fairly normal to feel like a parent to your tulpa. You're putting effort in to make sure they have a reasonably good experience, feel loved and cared for, etc. It's similar enough to the emotional role of a parent in a child's life.
  13. The mobile theme does kinda suck and is missing things, like so many other mobile sites. You can use the desktop version without a spoofer though. Scroll to the bottom and tap the link to switch to desktop version. --- I've added a report option to the GoMobile theme. It's a separate page instead of the in-page popup the desktop version uses. It *should* open in a new tab in most mobile browsers. After you file the report, simply close that tab to get back to the thread.
  14. I am moving this to the Q&A section, since Forum Questions & Comments is for questions regarding the community and forum software itself. I'd expect the answer to vary from person to person. Some tulpas can stay awake to a certain degree while the host sleeps. Or, for some people, simply focusing on an intention of waking up at a given time as they drop off into sleep can result in waking up at that time; and a tulpa may be able to have more of an effect on this than the host.
  15. If you want a more stable wonderland (and are fairly certain this isn't your tulpa's doing), create it in more detail. Things created quickly and with little detail tend to change every time you look at them. Things created more carefully with more detail tend to stay more the same. Try to experience your wonderland in more of your senses, and notice the sensory details. For instance, if you have a tablecloth, take a minute to examine it. See what material it's made of, what pattern it has. Trace out the pattern in your head. Feel the material between your fingers. Play with it to see how i
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