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  1. I check the forum often, sometimes several times in a day, and I'm open to offering advice and sharing my experience with people who are just starting out. Having said that, I'm extremely shy to the point that its hard for me to make idle conversation, so I tend to just read rather than commenting mostly. I do agree with Anderson that the majority of people who start this process don't realize the commitment they're making, and start off without realizing how much time and effort it takes to make any progress. I mean, I was at it for a year before I got a clear response from my tulpa, and -while that's partially because I'm a horrible procrastinator with zero work ethic- it's also because making a tulpa is a lot of work, and it's very easy to get discouraged when you realize that it isn't easy/instantaneous.
  2. I think I'll use one of my favorite horror villains ever.
  3. Helooooo! I'm Dracky's tulpa, and Imma answer this one instead of him because his answers are always so dry and boring. 1. Pick a form and STICK WITH IT. Don't be a waffle and keep switching forms. It makes it hard to git gud at visualizing your tulpa, and it screws with their development. My host changed me like ten times before I was able to speak up and make him quit it. 2. Uh, I guess but who wants to talk to furniture? 3. Ooooh... Somebody needs to make a tulpa of Ego: The Living Planet. Doooo iiiiit. Bonus: Dracky is a skeptic about everything. Tell the guy the sky is blue and he's gonna go check. But somehow he stuck with it, and I turned his doubt inside out. You're gonna get discouraged and feel like you're wasting your time, but the longer you stick with it and the stronger your tulpa gets, the harder it is to doubt them. You can do it!
  4. Lyra and I are buying Fatal Frame 5 and drinking pumpkin ale (my idea). Also possibly eating an entire giant bag of Reese's Pieces (her idea). Hey! You got alcoholic coma on my diabetic coma!
  5. It's totally possible in the sense that your tulpa could communicate with other tulpas through you either online or, I suppose, in person. We have several tulpas here that communicate with the community and each other via possession or proxy typing. If you mean "meet" as in interact directly with another tulpa inside another person's mind then no, that's not possible.
  6. I'm extremely skeptical by nature, so I had tons of doubts and nearly gave up several times because of it. I know it's frustrating when you feel like you're talking to yourself, and sometimes it feels like the whole thing is just an exercise in self-delusion. If you keep at it, eventually, you should get a response that feels different from parroting or stray thoughts. It might be words, or a jumble of images and feelings that just seem to come from nowhere. For me, that "wow" moment came when I had a song stuck in my head, and I got an irritated "Knock it off." I asked her to sing me something to help me get the song out of my head, and she randomly started singing a song that I haven't heard in years. Since then she pipes up constantly with comments on whatever I'm doing at the time, offers unsolicited advice about things, and just generally acts like a nuisance benevolent (and lovely) muse.
  7. I doubt I'll date again, not because I'm not interested in finding someone to share my life with, but because being asexual makes dating super awkward. Having Lyra around is great for cuddles and emotional intimacy without the whole sex thing. On topic, I don't think disclosure is really necessary, both because tulpas and hosts are basically a single entity and because I can't imagine many people would be very accepting of the idea. I did date a girl who I'm almost positive was a soulbonder, but I still think her reaction to being told about Lyra would have been negative.
  8. 1. Tulpas thrive off of attention. Leaving an undeveloped tupper alone for a year probably means she's faded to the point that you'll basically be starting over. If you want to try to "find her" or call out to her, you can, but it won't be anything more than symbolism, which can be helpful but isn't necessary. At this point it might be best to just think of her as a new tulpa and move on from there. 2.Like I said, she probably isn't sentient at this point, so she probably can't be angry or resentful. I'd just approach her with love and reassurance, and leave out the regrets. Even if she has some awareness of being left, tulpas tend to be very forgiving when it comes to their hosts. If you're worried about intrusive thoughts, don't be. Early on at least, you're going to get junk responses, but I found that it's just easier to treat them as legit. There was a period where I had a problem with intrusive thoughts, but worrying about it made it infinitely worse, so I just took to asking whenever she said something that seemed too weird. More often than not, she'd let me know right away if something wasn't right. The most beneficial thing I did during her creation process was learning to keep a consistent schedule. Force every day, find a way to keep her in your mind during the day and try to narrate as much as possible. Skipping a day always made it feel like I had lost tons of ground, and skipping several days was almost like starting over. Try to make forcing something you enjoy, instead of a chore and think of your tulpa like an old friend that you can't wait to talk to about everything. You guys share a brain, so you have a type of bond you'll never have with anyone else.
  9. I take antidepressants, and my emotions are severely blunted as a result. I also had an extremely hard time reaching any sort of progress with Lyra, which might be the antidepressants, or it might be the perpetual state of ennui I exist in. Having said that, when I did make progress I was surprised by just how intense Lyra's emotions are, and the fact that I feel things through her.
  10. Just so you know, the folks here tend to be pretty dismissive of anything "unscientific", so you probably won't get much help in General Discussion. You might get better answers if you tried the metaphysics forum. Alternately, if you're not already a member, you can try The Living Library which is a forum dedicated to Soulbonding. In regards to your dreams, I have no idea, unfortunately.
  11. Lyra says that she "sleeps" when I sleep, since we don't have a wonderland as such, either. Or at least, since her perception of the outside world is dependent on me she doesn't see or hear anything while I'm unconscious. She also doesn't dream separately, although she does occasionally comment on my dreams when we wake up. She doesn't seem to go through stages of wakefulness, though. Like I gradually transition from "groggy man-bear" to awake, alert, and ready to go, whereas she pretty much just "flips on" when I first wake up.
  12. Not going to argue. Plus I agree that Melian is just as valid as any other thoughtform here, I just fail to see all the persecution that's happening, since of the ten-or-so really active members, almost everybody jumps to Mistgod's defense every time one of these "I AM SO PERSECUTED, WOE IS ME!" threads pops up. Well except for MonsterKid. Plus there's the little fact that Mistgod used to start endless arguments about how tulpas were all make believe and since that's what Melian was to him then obviously that's what everybody else's tulpa was, end of story. Now the new line is "Melian may not be a tulpa in the sense that everyone else uses the word, but she's totally just as good and everybody is an elitist for saying otherwise." Respect is a two-way street.
  13. This post has been Lyra-edited because giving attention to Mistgod is like pouring gasoline on a fire.
  14. Just take a deep breath... Tulpas can't just die in their sleep or anything. He also can't really run away from home, you know? Just try calmly calling out to him until you get a response. Don't freak out though; being upset might be making it harder for him to communicate. So chill, and everything will be alright. I should add that it's not unprecedented for tulpas to just go away for a while with no real explanation and then come back like nothing ever happened. Just give him some time. It may take a while, but he'll be back.
  15. Most of the material I narrated to Lyra early on was dark/gloomy, since that was my frame of mind at the time. Despite that, she turned out pretty chipper. I'm honestly astounded by how few fucks she gives for most things, considering how much of my time I spend worrying about things beyond my control.