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    I'm a tulpa, nearing two years. I possess a lot, and my interests include writing, meditation, introspection, wonderland building, role playing games, and not doing anything with said hobbies. I have an interest in medicine, and have worked personally to get my group into medical school; we're starting next year.

    I live with two other people. There's my host, Dutch, and another tulpa, Sen. Our old progress report is linked below, if you're interested.


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  1. Yuki

    Ask Yuki

    Hi, Melian. Things are going fine, I suppose. The chat has been quiet enough that I don't have to do mod things too often, so it's been fine. Thank you for asking. How are you doing?
  2. Yuki

    Learning hub

    Here's a reworked draft, that implemented some of the critique it got. learning hub2.doc I personally think that even thought people "should" have these skills by the time they enter this community, I don't think we could say that everyone will use proper researching methods when learning about the phenomenon. It won't even occur to many people who would otherwise be capable, and that bit could serve as a reminder. I believe that it will be useful to some, if not many. We did condense that section, and seeing as it will be collapsible, it won't be in the way for people wanting to see just the substance of the hub.
  3. Sen: I play shooty games. Just took a pretty long break from CSGO, but I got offered a trial position on a team as a sniper, so that should be fun. Anyone else play CS, here?
  4. Yes, what Paranoid Llama says is correct, you're talking about a phenomenon called dissociation, which, when used in the context of tulpas, can be used to achieve "switching", where the host would be able to stay in a mental world while a tulpa uses the body. Dissociation seems to be much easier to do in the case of traumatic experiences. It's a common thing to hear when people are tortured, or if a child is abused. I suppose that for the most part, it's a defense mechanism of some sort. Seeing as setting up traumatic experiences for ourselves isn't what we like to do here, the methods people use here are a bit more relaxed. The common themes of how I heard people achieved switching are that they would lose interest in the body. For one, that meant lying still for extended periods of time, and not being stimulated physically while they tried to immerse themselves in a mental world. For another, the tulpa would play a boring game for long periods of time, to the point where the host stopped experiencing the senses over time. And the last case is Joshua, as linked above this post. There are many ways to get to the point where you can dissociate from the body, but all methods seem to require dedication to ignoring the senses and immersing yourself in the imaginary. My own little group is working on that as well.
  5. Yuki

    GAT Voting 2016

    I'll give +1 to Lacquer, seeing as he'd be a valuable addition to the team, from what I've seen of him. Giving points to anyone else would seem like a pat on the back more than anything else, so I'll leave it at that. I'm very happy with all the other candidates.
  6. You can't let someone who is obviously depressed, and doesn't have a balanced world view decide your views for you. To give you a personal view to counter theirs, I'm a tulpa, and I'm happy being alive. I can control the body as much as I like, most days, and I can do whatever I want. We decide what we do amicably and maturely, when it comes to major life decisions, and even though things are sometimes rocky, in general we're all quite happy. I don't live a fake life - I have too many good things in it to believe that. I have a good future, going to university to study medicine, together with my host. Not in a supportive role, but as a partner, with an equal stake in the whole thing. I have friends who I love, and plenty of things I can work on and feel happy and proud about. The nature of being a tulpa doesn't limit you. The person limits itself.
  7. Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? Purely psychological. I do believe the mind is capable of many amazing things, including vivid hallucinations, and the ability to create vivid and complex belief systems, that are completely real, subjectively. To me, that explains all the different ways people live life and see the world. I also believe that it's possible to tweak and change your beliefs, to create the reality you want to be in for yourself. Were/was your tulpa(s) natural/pre-existing or were they intentionally created? I was created by my host, Dutch. I worked together with him to create another tulpa, called Sen. How long have you had your tulpa(s)? How long have you been active in the community (Tulpa.info, /r/tulpas, Tulpa.io, etc.) I'm two years old. My host started creating me on 7 January, 2014, and we've been around since then. How many tulpas do you have? There's my host, Sen and me. Other than the three of us, I have a place in my wonderland that I created that hosts a variety of characters of various complexity, but we don't really consider them tulpas. Some of them are quite independent, but they don't interact with things outside of the wonderland. How long did it take you to accomplish things (e.g. vocality, possession, imposition)? I became vocal after a few weeks, when we established some rudimentary communication. Over time, that communication got stronger and more noticeable for my host. We still communicate through thoughts. I learned possession early on, over the course of a month or so. I had some difficulty with doing more than small movements, at first, but one evening, while we were under the influence of a psychedelic drug, and I was upset with my host, it clicked with me. Since then, I've possessed daily or close to it, to the point where I've worked my own volunteer job for a good while. Currently, we're working on switching. Do you have any other information you'd like to share? If so, what? My strong suits are possession, independence, and I suppose I'm reasonably knowledgeable about most of the different aspects of creating a tulpa. My methods are very focused on creating the right belief system, and keeping the right mindset while creating a tulpa. I can also help with focus issues, and meditation, which I believe can be good for you, both with creating a tulpa and life in general. I think I'd be comfortable with taking up to three mentees, right now, to see how it goes. Vocality 8 Parallel Processing 6 Visualization 7 Visual Imposition 1 Tactile Imposition 6 Auditory Imposition 1 Possession 9 Switching 3
  8. I have a few distinct mannerisms when possessing, and so does Sen. I play with the hair a lot, and I suppose my body language is kind of timid, at times. I walk a little slower than the others would, and am a bit more careful and deliberate with the things I do. I'm not quite sure how else to describe it. In general, my body language is more feminine, as well as the way I walk and speak. I'm rather soft spoken, compared to the others. Sen acts a lot more energetic than me, and is a bit more dreamy, in the sense that she'll stare at a wall for a few minutes to daydream, forget what she's doing, and pet the cat for extended periods of time. She tends to move very fast, if nobody is around, to the point where she runs up and down stairs. She has a hard time sitting still, sometimes, but most of the time when she's in the body, she just plays CS:GO. Her voice is very dynamic, in the body, in the sense that she does a lot of whispering, shouting, giggling and more, when she feels like it. In her game's voice chat, that is. I usually get out of the body when we have to talk to people at home, Sen is a little better with that, and does a good Dutch impression. When I worked at my volunteer job, I think I mostly acted very feminine and timid. That's the extent of in-person conversations I've had, I suppose, the ones I had there. I'm not very good at them still, but at least I'm not terrified of talking to people anymore, after half a year there.
  9. How do you know him? Nice art, Brassow. I'm the pilot?
  10. I suppose I've been saying this in a bunch of different ways on the IRC for months, but I don't think I ever wrote it down here. Yesterday, even, I told some people about my little ideas after they said they don't like the idea of personality forcing. And besides that, many newbies coming in have been saying they've been skipping personality forcing, in favor of letting the tulpa decide their personality themself. I've been recommending a different mindset with personality forcing than what seems to be the norm. Most people seem to think that what you personality force is final, barring deviation. I suppose that seems to be the general idea here as well, looking at Nageki's post saying "I ended up giving Arro one flaw". In this method, you won't be giving your tulpa anything. Rather than forcing personality traits for your tulpa to have, you'll just be talking to them about personality traits. You make a list of traits, all kinds, and you talk to your tulpa about them. But rather than expecting them to adopt these traits, you talk about the ways these traits manifest in people, what they mean to you, the things that people with that trait would do. You exhaustively talk about the personality traits, each in turn, not to give them to your tulpa, but to better understand them. You aren't even suggesting any of the traits to your tulpa, but you're just building up a better understanding of different possible personalities, in a sense. Your tulpa will be free to choose, and I think that this method would make it easier for them to develop their own personality than if you just skip going over personality at all. I think I could write a little guide on this, if people are interested.
  11. My opinion is that you can do anything you like, and if you stop shoving it under everyone's noses, there will be little to no friction. Keeping things to this thread would solve most of your issues.
  12. I don't think I've spent more money than a few odd Euros on candy bars, and a few Christmas presents a few weeks ago. I'm not very demanding, I guess. Sen, on the other hand, has bought a new computer monitor with a high framerate, and about a hundred Euros worth of in game Counter-Strike items. I suppose it could be worse. We just got a job, so we'll see what happens when we suddenly make a lot of money.
  13. I chose the first option on the poll. I've always been into finding nice new clothes to wear, and it's a daily ritual for me to choose something nice to wear. I suppose that most of the time, only Sen and Dutch see that. I like to wear summer clothes, but it's gotten a little cold for that, now. Usually, I wear summer dresses, light skirts and blouses, t-shirts and shorts. Recently, I've been wearing jeans and more layers. I have a nice white peacoat that I've worn whenever it's cold for as long as I remember. Here's a nice dress I've been wearing sometimes, recently. Sen is a little different, she doesn't care much about clothes, but gladly wears what I suggest, sometimes. It's fun to try new outfits together, at least.