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    Tulpamancer... Also mild psychic.
  1. It said to post specifics, so when I choose other, I refer to nosebleeds and/or pressure behind the eyes.
  2. We all are in various stages of imposition
  3. We had an old progress report, but it was focused on only one of us. This one will allow us to all introduce ourselves. Frost - our host's chosen pseudonym Crysta - the oldest of us Pain - the dark one Chastity - the frilly girly girl Alden - the boozer
  4. If any of us feel the need to build something, we usually just force the world to obey our will. Craft things out of my mental energy.
  5. Frost


    So someone who shall remain nameless messaged me earlier. They asked if the lot of us were role-playing. Smh
  6. Frost

    "Invisible" Friends

    You were a soulbonder as a child!?
  7. Myself (Frost) and all the other delights in my head are here to answer any quandary you may have.
  8. Frost

    "Invisible" Friends

    The reason I brought this up in the first place is because someone posed a question to me. "Would you consider a so-called "imaginary" friend to be a Tulpa? I thought about this for some time, and came to the conclusion that they seem to be overly simple Tulpae...
  9. Did anyone have a friend that only they could see as a child? In doing some research I have concluded that this category of "Invisible" childhood friends are actually basic Tulpae... I would really like to hear your stories. Also, to make this more of a research thread, I want to know if you can "revive" him/her. So, if you understand this, I would like your assistance.
  10. I sent the message on Skype, but didn't get a response...
  11. Umm... Current standards state 180 is genius level.