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  1. I was actually looking into self hypnosis over on Warp your mind, the idea being to create a secondary personality similar to a spirit guide based around an "alpha wolf" to guide me through my social anxieties, research proved that the idea was too unstable, personalities created with this method often end up fighting for control under the assumption that it's their life too. After that i moved over to furmorphed indulging idea's of incorporating more wolf-like assertive traits through training until someone posted a thread on "Personal assistants" there in was a link to this forum and for the past month or so I've had more positive results on information here regarding the topic of Tulpas. I haven't started creating one yet but that's because i want to know everything i can before starting a very life changing journey. Basically, a very long research trail brought me here... eventually.
  2. Hi all! Names Chris, obviously i'm new and this is my first post. I found the forums some month or two ago, I've read through a lot of the material and I've very curious about Tulpa's, i haven't started on any process to create one as of yet but that's because i feel i need to research and understand more before acting. My journey to finding these forums started in Warp my mind while studying the idea of self hypnosis, from there i traveled through Furmorphed and eventually found a thread on the topic of "Personal assistants" linking me here, i know that's not an accurate description of Tulpa's and that their so much more than that. I do have many questions some of which i haven't found answers to in existing threads and topics and you'll probably see me grilling people brains on occasion. An idea that certainly interests me is a Tulpa companion to help with my indecision and social phobia's, someone who can cut through the endless loop of one direction or the other and simply say "That's the one we should go for!" or "Your being stupid!" XD I look forward to meeting many of you and hearing your tales of discovery.