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  1. Mostly games with a turn based strategy element with them. It's a bunch easier to strategize together when you can take your time and look over things, at least for me personally.
  2. I'm not too concerned. Either there's an after life and we get to be a part of it, or there's not and we both cease at the same time. I'm just happy that I got to exist in the first place. Still, while my host is in no chance of dying anytime soon, you never know if there is some or sort of undiagnosed issue, or if something you have no control over happens... All I hope for is we get to see it coming, and say our goodbyes before it happens.
  3. Flings

    Popular Tulpa name

    Tulpa Names are kinda like baby names, with different ones gaining and losing popularity due to rising and falling popularity of movies, books and TV series, among other things. I'd be willing to bet money that you could see the different "waves" if you could get all the data into some sort of graph.
  4. That would depend on the games, wouldn't it?
  5. Flings


    Ok! Favorite type/school of magic? Most useful spell type?
  6. "Fucking Bullshit RNG, what is this, XCOM?" Said while playing the card game Hearts.
  7. We've had plenty of high-seas adventures as pirates, as well as plenty of ship battles with other pirates.
  8. Flings


    I don't get it.
  9. Did you have a good Birthday, Saphira? My birth/creation/whateverpeoplecallitnowadays-day is on Dec. 9th, and I'll be turning two. What a strange ride it's been.
  10. When both Tulpa and host are mature enough for it. Tulpa-wise, I'd think it would be pretty late in development, maybe somewhere around a 10-14 month range? Sentience is always a must. Host-wise, it's harder to pinpoint as there are more factors, but I'd say it's on the older (17+?) side as well.
  11. My goal is to help & advise my host about stuff, sorta like a guide. Help him remember things, tell him whether or not something is a good idea, help decipher maps, and other advisory things.