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  1. well. ive been out of the game for months. been contemplating a second attempt. will update when i tomorrow when get my bearings again.
  2. Sorry for the very late reply...i didn't get notified by email. I lost faith because i have always believed in formulaic results and predictable success and as we know Tulpas are very unpredictable at times and it makes me believe I'm doing something wrong. I don't trust myself to make the right calls on wether or not I'm actually doing the right thing or making legit progress. It just added up and i slowed down after awhile. :(
  3. 12-02-14 -Report No real progess to go along with the report. Ive seem to have lost my interest in it for the time being. honestly i just have doubts wether or not this is real. Once ive inspired myself il go back and start working with dipper more so then i do now. Rare narration is all i do. No active forcing in awhile.
  4. 11/19/14 - Report Entry Worked on dipper's form without clothes on, so i can just plain work on his angles and movements. I also did worked on trying to express color a bit better in my visualizations.i admit to getting rusty and slow with my work, but i had fun with it tonight! Just gonna do some more bedtime narrating to him as i sleep! Im also gonna shape up my format by dating and adding a section that bullet points my Tulpamancing improvements or troubles since the last report. Progress - + Improved visualization of base form. + better color visualization in eyes and face Need improvement - - wonderland is a mess - narration work is weak
  5. This is my kinda thread since narration is hard for me to do consistently. Setting alarms isnt a bad idea. Im gonna set it for once every two hours and when it goes off, il narrate to my tulpa for 20 minutes or some amount and see if it helps alot.
  6. Well i have been narrating a little bit better when I'm out and about! I just need to practice to improve my focus when i do talk to dipper though i haven't heard anything from him .since the first incident. Over the last few days i have active forced very little and im starting to feel like I'm letting him down, as well as myself. Gah motivation is hard. I know if i could hear him, he would be able to encourage me to go on and this would be a lot easier on us. Also thank you to the posters above. Your involvement and additions with this thread helps a lot. Thanks guys.
  7. 2 things i want to mention. 1. I was narrating to dipper for the first time in days as I was laying down getting ready to sleep. I was encouraging him to talk when I said "pretty soon you will speak like a pro". Right before I finished that thought it seemed like a mind voice that was a little louder and more distinct then mine shouted the "speak like a pro line back" really quickly at me and it startled me a bit. This was definitely the first time where I heard it come from my head then from my ears as in my earlier encounters as it interrupted my thought before i even registered it was happening! This is legitimately exciting I and really hope it was Dipper in there trying to speak his first words to me. 2. I believe he started to wear a bow tie as his first visual deviation.and I cant confirm if it was his choice, I'm gonna act on it like it was. it happened when I was looking at some pictures for visualization reference and a pic I used happened to have a bow and awhile later it just popped in my head when visualizing him and it stuck for a bit. The bow tie looks like attached picture. In summary, things are happening when I force, i cannot deny it, but is it me or him? This the only question I'm pondering. I'm going to assume it's Dipper as i go on.
  8. Last two days i have been trying to focus on narration, but it has been really hard to remind myself to keep it going.By the time im in my room relaxing, ive fallen asleep before i could active force. Both nights i apologized to dipper about my forgetfulness before passing out. I need to find a new way to motivate myself without relying on results for it.
  9. Ok! Awesome guys. Thanks for the info! :)
  10. I just realized that since I've been working on Dipper, I have been having these emotional swings that make me emotional to the point of tears a lot more frequently then i usually do. Dipper and I aren't great at communication yet, but I know that they can use emotions as a way to communicate. Im just not sure on how strong these emotions can be, and if the Tulpa wants to say is directly tied to the emotion sent. For all I know it could be the only emotion he can send currently and he is trying to communicate in anyway he can. I want to see what others make of it. Are these strong emotions I'm feeling typical of Tulpa communication? Is there a cause for concern if it has been a sad emotion being sent?
  11. Alright. So today I did mostly narration when i remembered to! i decided that I'm gonna focus on sentience and vocality before trying to improve my visualization more! I believe Dipper has been communicating through head pressures and very minor headaches, since i get them constantly when Active forcing. Currently reading cracked articles to him out loud. :)
  12. Yes. I am awesome! Next one to post will be.... someone i have never talked to.
  13. That is really good to know,Cinemaphobe also thanks for the advice :) For my progress report today, I was busy for awhile and a little sick when i came back from viewing a movie, so i didn't get too much opportunity to force so far today, though I have attempted to do some narration as i went about my business. Its a bit hard to concentrate on him passingly to narrate but ill get it down at some point. After i post this I'm gonna do some talking with dipper and some visualization stuff as well!
  14. Alrighty, so far today I have been doing mostly narration when I can. I have noticed that I've been lacking that a lot lately, so I'm gonna try to put in what time I can. Though, I will admit to doubts about sentience and parroting, I am just being impatient. When I narrate, I try to (or rather tend to) visualize me and dipper in a cafe right outside the core of my wonderland as I tell him in first person the content i am narrating. I wonder if other people narrate in this type of way? I wanna hear how you guys did some narration so i can experiment a bit :)
  15. That is tremendous progress for one week :) I'm jealous :p