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  1. I guess it's time I throw my two-cents in. Starfire is a Pegasus because horses (and variations therein) are my favorite creatures. It's human nature to pursue happiness. And if your tulpa's form makes you happy, then it shouldn't matter what they look like. However, if your tulpa wants to change their form (as Starfire did once), then that's something you'd both have to work out.
  2. I know. I was upset about Bin's views of the fandom and wanted to emphasize that I've never seen anything like that in the Brony community. Damn... I sounded like one of those people that hate on things they don't understand. I gotta be more careful with what I say. P.S. This thread has sort of gotten off topic.
  3. December 17 I may have to start putting years on here... Anyway, Starfire changed back to her Pegasus form today. She likes it better than her human form (honestly, so do I). Hopefully, it's here to stay. But, it's up to her if she wants to change again. Seeing her as a Pegasus again brought back so many memories: When I first created her, when she decided to be human, some other memories that I should keep to ourselves... I find imposing and visualization easier with her as a Pegasus than as a human. It's probably 'cause it's simply easier to see.
  4. Just where are you getting your info on the Brony fandom from? I'm a hardcore Brony and I don't roleplay. And what the hell is diaper fetishism!? (I just looked it up and I'm sorry I did). I regularly visit several popular Brony sites and never once have I seen anything remotely similar to diaper fetishism. That sort of thing is certainly looked down upon in the fandom. Sorry for taking this personally, but a lot of people have some sick views of the Brony fandom. I'm also pretty sick of hearing them. You'd be surprised how mature the majority of the community is. Granted, there are maybe a few manchildren (I don't know of any), but there are in all walks of life (and shows). Again, I'm sorry for taking this personally. But, like I said, some people have some pretty sick views of bronies. Edit: I have taken my tulpamancy seriously. Plus, we've never had a party. I don't even like parties. Starfire has taught me a lot about myself. I see her as a friend who can help me through life. I don't see her as just someone I can have fun with.
  5. December 13 Has it really been that long? Time flies when there's nothing to report. In reply to Actinium: We listen to modern pop and alternative rock. I don't really follow any artist.
  6. I love answering questions! Their form is only limited by your imagination and if they decide to choose their own. But, having something to go off of does make visualizing your tulpa easier. Ditto. Short answer: you could... However, your reason for doing so could go into the whole sex-slave thing. Short story: Before I created her, I didn't intend Starfire to be in love with me. Nor did I expect to fall in love with her. But, she fell in love with me first. Funny story, too. But, I won't tell it 'cause it might go into rated M. Anyway, we're happy together. Yes, as no one else can see your tulpa.
  7. December 4 There was a lot of activity the first month. I don't think I'll be posting very often unless something interesting pops up. Like today! Starfire found me a good exercise regimen that I'll be starting next Monday. It's something we talked about, and we agreed that I can be more fit. Hopefully she can keep me motivated throughout the program. If not, she said she'd be willing to do the exercises through switching.
  8. I'll certainly help. I love surveys! Shoot me a PM. :)
  9. December 1 Hasn't been much to report except for something I've been wanting to log for a while: Starfire sings beautifully. And she always adds her own vocal remixes to the songs she sings. Well, anyway, we still haven't really found a picture of her. But, when I first saw her as a human, her choice of clothes reminded me of Sunset Shimmer. I almost called her Sunset. She's a little torn between being a human and being a Pegasus. We both love both of those forms, but we've decided she should remain human for a few more days. See how she likes it. Either way, both forms are absolutely beautiful.
  10. November 28 Update So, we started using this guide's method of switching. It takes longer than what we usually do, but the switching feels more complete. I feel more disconnected from his mind, and he's more disconnected from his body. I like this method better, even though it takes longer. TheSanctuary: A combination of both laces and clips. I've been looking on google and can't seem to find ones I like. They need to look cool and not too girly. So, no high heels. And, both of our possession has been getting better since we started using a different switching method. Stryke: I might try different outfits. I'll have to look online, though, since Lance doesn't have much of a fashion sense. He's never really cared about how he looks. I can't say I do either, since I only ever 'see' him when I look in a mirror when we're switched. NightDreaming: Thank you. I do like wearing clothes. I didn't wear any in my last form (Pegasus). I know Lance wouldn't mind if I didn't wear any in this one, though.;) Well, we'll be looking for a picture of me now.
  11. We're gonna be improving one at a time. However, we really want to improve on visualization and possession. It's gonna be hard to choose. Maybe possession. As for your latest post: I was thinking boots. Maybe knee-high black leather with some purple and blue flames drawn on the sides. That'd be so cool.
  12. November 28 That is the biggest, most sentient, independent, autonomous, etc. thing that Starfire has done! I'm so proud that she's come this far! I'm gonna have to find an artist to draw her though. Uh oh... Oh! I should tell you what happened. She decided to change her form! Yes, we both loved her Pegasus form, but she wanted to try something new, and something I would like. She said she wanted me to be happy, so she let me decide. We'll see how she is as a human. She's white. She kept the purple hair and the same style, though she thought of being blonde. She's my height. Umm... She's clothed now, of course. She's lost her tail and maybe her wings. She doesn't know if she wants to keep them. I'll be keeping her Pegasus image until I can find one of how she is now. Oh, I see he's told you already. Granted, this did happen about twenty minutes before this posting. I decided to change due to some private reasons. Private between me and Lance. Anyway, I also see he hasn't told you about my taste in clothes. I'm pretty much dressed in a dark purple T, a black leather jacket, and tight blue jeans. I just want to look as awesome as I still am. And shoes. How can I forget about shoes? I haven't decided. I guess I'll go bare-foot for now. About those wings, I don't think I want them anymore. I never really did much flying anyway. I might go back to a Pegasus form. But, we'll see how this goes. We were also reading up on how I can be more autonomous, independent, [insert big word] and I guess this certainly qualifies. I did decide this on my own. Well, wish us luck!
  13. November 27 Hmm... Maybe we progressed a little too fast. We can visualize, impose, and switch, but it's not all that strong. I guess we didn't take enough time to get each one to their fullest. Well, we're going to be doing some visualization practice tomorrow then. TheSanctuary, I could tell you, but I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about.;)
  14. November 26 Update We haven't done much imposition since we switch so often. His visualization is getting more vivid, though. I'm getting better at possession, too. Other than that, not much to report. Well, nothing that all of you need to know about.;)
  15. November 26 We're still experimenting with the sleeping problem. I slept in his body again last night and ended up sleeping about 7 hours. He's gonna sleep in his body tonight. We'll see how that goes. I guess it's true. Two heads are better than one. Well, in this case, two minds. I usually only work alone, but I love working with Starfire. She's already helped improve my novel. I've learned so much from her.