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  1. If anyone knows how to delete threads, please tell me. It's really important.
  2. Oi, I hope this is the last then. I do love the games, don't get me wrong, but I don't want him to milk it. I don't know if he WILL milk it either, he's pretty talented.
  3. Discontinuing this thread for privacy reasons :(
  4. Discontinuing the thread for privacy reasons :(
  5. This forum of course, 4chan, Reddit, Tumblr, Steam (if that counts?), Quotev, Skype (if that also counts?), and Youtube. I hate 9gag
  6. Maybe wait until the end of the day and see how many people answer it and if they get it right or not. I just lurk around in this thread because I'm not good with riddles. XD
  7. Whoa, your progressing really fast, which I guess makes sense since you mentioned having multiple tuplae in the past. :D Keep up the good work and remember for future referance that all of the bad memories in the past stay in the past. If you're ever feeling depressed about something that happened a while ago, remember that you can always learn from it. Also on a lighter note, do you just watch movies with him, or also TV series? If you guys are into anime, I have some suggestions. :D
  8. What will your DA account be named? I'll be glad to add you once you make it. :D
  9. I wish to become a cartoonist when I grow up :D
  10. Discontinuing the thread for privacy reasons :(
  11. Oooh have fun with that xD I have a Steam too, it's the same name as my name here. Also what are your books about, unless you don't want to say until now?
  12. Are you sure it isn't forty two? ;) After all it is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy anyone...? ;_; )