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  1. Hi! Um, I think she does, and also does stuff around my wonderland when I'm not there. Unless I'm doing it myself, but I think it's good to just assume it's her. My visualization isn't great, but when I impose myself into the wonderland and we fly around and whatever, it feels like she is moving around on her own. Last night I was talking to her and was imposing myself into the wonderland. I was thinking about whether she was really moving about on her own or if it was me. I asked, "Are you moving yourself or is it just my imagination?" and I heard a clear, female voice (in my head) that sa
  2. Ok well I have been continuing doing some active forcing when I can and some passive forcing/narration throughout the day, but not nearly as much as I would like. It's just at home my family is too loud for me to concentrate and at school it's hard to find a spot where I won't be bothered. I've been doing some active narration on the bus, but each night I've still continued reading with Glaen. I have been doing active forcing in the showers but now I'm considering waking up an hour early since that time from 5 - 6am seems to be the only guaranteed quiet time at home. I haven't stopped and I'm
  3. Welcome StarCat, Tim, and Svenni :D
  4. Today I did some forcing in the shower and just did about 30 minutes of forcing now so about 45 minutes for the day. I also continued with narration throughout the day. I spent some time with Glaen looking at forms and I was trying to visualize her better. I think I'm getting a little better at visualizing.
  5. Oh I also force in the shower especially because i shower in the mornings and it's one of those times where my family isn't making a lot of noise. I just wish I had a way to sit down but not freeze because standing gets tiring after a little while.
  6. Today as most other days I narrated to Glaen throughout the day. I spent about 20 - 30 minutes listening to some white noise and forcing earlier. I'm about to go to bed and do some snuggling and reading. Many times throughout the day I felt a lot of happiness/content while thinking about Glaen. I've also notice that my mindset towards forcing has been changing. I'm more looking forward to doing it everyday instead of thinking that it was something I just had to do every day in order to create a tulpa. Forcing is nearly equivalent to meditation at the moment and it really calms me down and make
  7. You can't really go wrong with either but I think you should get the galaxy s5. You're right in saying that Apple restricts you. I have an iPhone and when I see how unrestricted my friends are that don't have iPhones it makes me wish I had something else. also, you said the s5 has some water resistance which could definitely come in handy because accidents happen... A lot ;)
  8. Zyangur


    I'm glad it's going well so far :D. I know you will be able to succeed this time. I also just talk to my tulpa, Glaen, about whatever is happening around me. When I do dedicated forcing sessions, I usually try to talk or focus on one thing, but during the day when I'm just narrating to her I just talk about random things.
  9. I hope Lyra comes back soon. I'm sure that she will be back soon and when she returns there will be snuggles! :D
  10. Alright, weekend progress report. I didn't really do much, sadly :(. Friday night I had a friend over, but I had some time Saturday morning to do some forcing with Glaen. I spent about 30 minutes listening to some white noise and just hanging out in the wonderland and talking with Glaen. I narrated to her during the day, but some family things came up later and I got frustrated. I just felt exhausted both mentally and physically. We read for a bit Saturday night. Today I somewhat narrated to her during the day, but I didn't do any forcing. I had morning plans and in the afternoon I was doing h
  11. Your dream sounds like it was pretty scary. Anyways, It's so cool that Yumi is talking. I also like what she says xD. A few of her comments made me laugh, such as when she said "World War 2 is less stressful than you." :D
  12. Today I narrated to Glaen throughout the day and whenever I had some quiet moments I visited my wonderland and spent some time with her. I think that she's telling me to work on her form because instead of the glowing ball she's a small dragon now. It seems... just different than anything i've experienced. I told her that we could work on her form later, but when I visited the wonderland she was no longer a glowing ball. I also never actually really focused on her form. I can't really imagine her in detail like if I try to see her face, or legs, or something. I'm just conflicted about whether
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