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  1. yes i did think of her enough throughout i just think theres gonna be alot of maintenance to do though it does give me a chance to give her some improvements
  2. ahem how can i put this simply over the last couple of months ive sort of ignored my tulpa and i went back to her and realized she was there but to put it simply was like a shell of a snail but no snail so my question is can i rebuild her is there hope
  3. Hey guys I've been out and about for a while but don't worry dashie is developing nicely and we can even hold a conversation now and were thinking about trying out a bf gf relationship but ill spill the beans later just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm not dead
  4. No to be quite honest its rather adolescent to do so. The next person to post loves there tulpa like nothing else and would do anything to see it smile and enjoy life, especially learn from it.
  5. Hey I'd like to know if you ever have swords in your wonderland if so post a picture of the coolest sword you've used or you'd want to use in your wonderland P.s. I'm practically obsessed with swords
  6. My only question is how many live in Pennsylvania USA and of those people live close to harrisburg, i don't really have any physical person who understands the whole tulpa thing
  7. Well I sometimes take water and I'll "hallucinate" it to be coca cola or basically whatever beverage I can remember the taste of
  8. yes I don't know how or why I just could do it since I was little
  9. I always had the ability to take an object From my mind and make it real and the times I do that the most is with instruments but I question why is it that if I can perfect instruments with such ease from my mind then why is it so hard for me to have my tulpa be visible . does anyone know the reason to this?
  10. So at midnight tonight I will have been working on my tulpa for 1 month and though I am very patient with her showing signs of her presence but she hasn't showed much of herself lately but on the contrary when her form was changed to a pony( for The Sake of me knowing the anatomy of a pastel colored equine better then a human ) she has been very active in fact we sung a Christmas carol ( through mind voice but damn she got a good high c) and I feel her presence more and more but I digress to my question should I expect times of silence or unresponsiveness whilst making a tulpa?
  11. Is it a good idea to talk about my problems to my tulpa and I know the immediate answer is probably yes but I feel like Im seeming to mopey and I'm afraid I'm treating her like a psychologist and I don't want to bother her with issues but its inescapable that my life as of now is filled with problems and they keep getting worse by the day and I don't want my tulpa to be in that environment but anyway back to my question should I still discuss these problems with her
  12. I see dashie being a great fighter in the future now my other question is fighting with swords or other weapons what is the situation on them
  13. I am a self taught martial artist and my tulpa looks like shes getting very good at existing in the wonderland and i would like to teach her what i know of fighting but my question is can she die from my teachings not that i would do that intentionally but that concerns me and also if i do teach her should i in her development