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  1. How can we be sure life isn't a game? We should move every thread into Forum Games, just to be sure.
  2. yeah if you meant for it to be changing like jean-luc's avatar then it's broken, like just stuck on a single image.
  3. Well I... uh... That's a good question, actually.
  4. Hi, I'm also coming back from the dead, I guess. It's been exactly one year and one day since my last post on this website, but I've come back to reclaim my rightful throne of winning this thread. I guess. i'm pretty sure all of you might've forgotten about me...
  5. i dunno how exactly it happened, she just kinda left without explanation. anyway we're good, we're just glad she's back. so yesterday we decided to force a little, since it had been a while, and i think i actually felt mel hold my hand. it was surreal to actually feel her hand, even though it's not physically there.
  6. so violet decided to drop out a couple months ago, at least that's what we initially thought. a few weeks ago i met one of my original characters in my wonderland, talking to me. she told me she was violet, but her personality was different. normally she's not so... happy. after some talking we found out that she wanted to be different, not the expressiveness that melody has, but just generally have a more positive outlook of things. and i guess she figured making a new image would help. she apparently likes the design of said character so she took on the appearance of the character. i have no
  7. Not really anything worth sharing but I had a dream where my history teacher was this huge brony nerd at a concert I went to and he was really pushy about his inner pony fan. It was really strange especially since he's a really cool dude in real life. That was only a detail of the dream though; I think the whole dream was about some tragedy that happened during said concert? I can't remember.
  8. Overwatch is pretty fun but I much prefer TF2 despite its problems lately. If given the opportunity to live in a hut for the total price of $19.80 with no power but free wifi, would you take it?
  9. It's been two years. I'd rather not bump this cuz I'd rather not have people see this thread, but hey, I don't really care anymore. Melody is two years old today. Since October 21st of 2014 I've dealt with a hyperactive, happy, just all-around great sometimes-person/sometimes-pony in my head, and I have no regrets. I've said this once last year, the last post in this thread actually, but... Happy Birthday, Melody! And I don't think I ever stated in this thread that Comet changed her name to Violet a long time ago. Indecisive, that one.
  10. Banned because Krabby Patties are a registered trademark of the Krusty Krab, therefore it is wrong to sell them independently.
  11. Banned for being more repetitive than Java.
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