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    ""Uncertainity is the sign of power actually."
    "Does that mean my power will be enough for this universe and few adjacent?"" Max Frei
  1. There is only one way to know for sure. You introduce then to it... Without telling that you practice it. For my friends, russian Lurkmore article worked the best. Then, you see their reaction. And only after you are sure they won't call you a freak, you can tell them that you do this kind of things. The safest way I've thought about. Also, found out that two of my friends were practising it, too. To my own surprise.
  2. You envy people with CRYSTAL CLEAR wonderland, you say? Look at me. No meditation or lucid dreaming methodic is working on me, what do I do instead? I write the whole thing down. My wonderland is 15-or-something-pages wall of text. I just let my hand go through it almost without my interception. And you know what? This actually felt better than anything I've tried before. I'm not that bad at visualising, actually, I do have quite an imagination and look up only really difficult to understand by yourself moments, but nothing have beaten the joy of writing of that wall of text. Only confir
  3. Oh, the school year is over. Almost didn't notice. Not much from before. Actually, had some trouble even remembering how the concept is called, because I didn't use the word "Tulpa" in my conversations with Ri. Felt like it would build the same wall we're trying to break. Maybe I was right after all. She just is somewhere in my head now constantly. We talk almost any time we can, feels good. Well, still more interesting than talking to myself in first steps. Would be hell of a lot of trouble with visualising in future. But now I just stick to my guns and continue with sentience. It can never b
  4. Welcome to our humble company. Hope you'll get what you seek. Quiktics said good things. Maybe, you should try to get on with somebody. You should have in mind - this can take a time. Tulpa can take a really long time even before sentience, not mentioning visualisation. Do not lose your hope, if you really decide on making tulpa. Almost every(because I can't be sure) creepypasta is lie. This is not a kind of creature that will take over your mind while you sleep and conquer the world. Don't be afraid of it.
  5. 1. Whatever you can imagine. Only limitation is your creativity. Some even make their tulpas polymorph, though I must warn that it requires awful lot of concentration. 2. Question of your beliefs. Some say, you must specially "unforce" it. Some say, you should just forget about it. Some think it's impossible. Choose your side, or make your own. 3. Almost everybody says that you can make it stay somewhere. Thing is that mostly they send it to wonderland. I don't know if you should experiment with it. You never know, what lurks around the corner, to leave it in "physical" place. 4. *akhem* If
  6. First, don't panic. As I know, there was somebody who made tulpa in two years. Personally, I'm in only for 4 months and except of a bit of responses(not even sure if they were really my tulpa's or just me), nothing. But those responses weren't auditory, they were mostly like mindvoice and, for some reason, headaches became a habit of mine. I won't believe that you haven't got ANY kind of response in whole year of forcing. Second, >after a dammit weekend or week Well, it depends on a person, and... You should see some tendencies - everywhere, where many people try to do something, somebody
  7. I feel like I'm losing touch with her. The moment I understood that voice in my head were only my thoughts... It was little scary. In this moment I felt like I was completely alone. My more rational side was trying to say me that I am not, but as always, I couldn't accept this for some reason. I... I feel like I'm lying to myself. That's awful. But surprisingly for me, it made me only feel like I need to work at it harder, better, stronger (no faster, sorry, excessive hurry can only make things worse). And what is scaring me out - now I often feel like I want to fly. For real. To have wings.
  8. Well, that does happen. I call it "The blogger syndrome". Those "pony parties", as you put it, really do have much place in reports. For some there is just "I was forcing and got no/1/2/n responses" kind of things. But they write it every day. For some this is way of feeling progress, yes. But for some... Well, I can tell you about one man, who had a blog in LiveJournal. He made a second blog in Twitter, but in this one, he was writing how is he scratching himself and where. First, I thought it was funny. Then I realised that this is the way how most blogs now are written. It's hard to find on
  9. 'Cuz it's, cool, 'cuz it's cool... Well, I'm not on this wave, but knowing people, I would say, that if I told them I have a tulpa, they'd think that I am schizophrenic. If it was some "Cool man", they'd go for it themselves. And fail. Only a clear mind (relatively, of course) can lead you to success in this field. Those people who do something just because it's cool and everybody thinks so will never get a fully conscious tulpa. If they even get any success, it would be a servitor. They don't think about tulpa as companion, more as a... Like... Slave, or similar things... And that is what
  10. Looks like article for the magazine, or newspaper. If this is the objective, you can leave it. Good intro, seriously. Good point, explains basics of the concept to men out of the deal.
  11. I could expect any question but that one. I think that there is god, question is what one? There are too many possibilities. Tulpas, I think, have religion based on the background. Race, place they are from... All matters. My tulpa, at least I think so, follows my philosophy. Remember, you never know what is around the corner until you look there.
  12. Never believe creepypastas in first place. In reality, such outcome won't happen, I think, if you did not plan it. But why is this treat of tulpa disliking her host in so many creepies?..
  13. Well, looks like I am 4 months in it and no visible progress. How disappointing. But I can wait. Well, at least I think so. I still did not succeed with meditation or wonderland. Except of "numbness", I feel only dumbness. So, I was trying to make it come at least in my dreams. But even if it did, I almost never remember my dreams. Yes, I've tried everything you can say me. This is the border I need to cross by my own. It's getting harder to concentrate on Rihanna, than before, and headaches became a habit. I don't know why. Yet may it be progress sign? And, though I don't like to whine, bu
  14. Well, I introduce the concept by the article in Lurkmore. It has good opinions and the most basic guide (for the laziest ones). But one con - available only in Russian. Sorry. Anyway, it answers most questions, and even though there are links to creepypastas, in article, they're considered not true. Your presentation is good, actually. And maybe, one day, I won't be lazy and edit the ED tulpa article from stub to the true explanation.
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