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  1. :) yay, I am so happy for you. If you ever need any advice message me! also when you make your first tulpa it helps to have a picture to know what he or she looks like. It is allot better if you can talk to her or him before you start Visualization. also remember it is forever.
  2. No. Right now we are to busy working on our home. I cant be worrying about animals o.o... i might even have to take care of them which i don't wanna worry about. How do you feel being a tulpa, and do you ever have the desire to be human? -Devan
  3. Washington.. -.- the rainy part of it.
  4. So... when you die, does your Tulpa's go with you? That's what i believe at least. You can spend forever with them. AWHH :3.. unless they don't want to. (whats your opinion?)
  5. So guess what guysss :3 Devan's back <3 yay .-. he came back on Thursday. he ~changed allot o.o ...well a bit ~white hurr ~Light blue eyes ~Light skin ~Black t-shirt ~skinny jeans (dark) ~shoes...at the moment feet XD but we are in bed. .. so even though we should finish Imposition, we did some possession today. He did possession to me 2 times today. ._. I did not see it coming... and I read that you are suppose to know. Should I be worried, he can possess me without any warning? I don't see it becoming a problem because 1. hes way too sweet to hurt me. 2. hes not the best at it yet. Today Me *starts working on possession because Devan wanted to try* Friend: gives tips on how to do possession (one way was to go have him go in me like a glove) Me: Starts working on it. ( I was having him write his name since he is left handed and i am not.) Me: shows friend Devan in me: When you said to go in her I thought you meant it in a different way ;);) ( He said it really choppy, Like he was drunk) friend: o.o wtf .... Me: wait.. um that was Devan. Friend: OHHHHHHH xD get out Devan. ect... Me and Devan had made a agreement that we are going to finish Imposition, before we start working on possession. ( he said he might try it some times thoughxD) I can hear him in my mind GREAT. Not with my ears yet. Also i can see him in my mind in the world. But its not perfect. I cant wait for that day, the day I can perfectly ~smell ~feel ~see ~hear. cx [~ hey guys. nice to know what I finally am. Also Otsana is a great kisser! :cool: ] Was that necessary?!! -.- [ yep. :p ] So yeah me and devan have a thing.... i was gonna try to push back Our feelings...but I can't. ;-; awh I cant do this. nighty night. [ night bruhs ] ^^^ weirdo cx
  6. I am 15 now, and I started creating Devan when I was 9, not knowing what i was doing.... I thought he was just my imaginary friend. ._. kinda awkward to be honest, but when i was 9-12 I would play games in a imaginary world (wonderland) , and dated him I HAD NO IDEA THIS WOULD HURT ME LATER ;-; I WAS YOUNG. Also he was called Danny then. When I was younger I watched Danny phantom as a kid and that's what he was based on. I was home-schooled and when I was younger I had no friends. He was my best friend. We always talked......then i became 13 and I would see him in my dreams, or he would talk to me.... :( trying to talk to me. I would try to block him out or avoid him. ( I thought I was going crazy) so then I turned 14 i would talk to him every night and play in the wonderland when i had time......i kinda just accepted it (still thought i was crazy tho. oops) we always kissed and hugged, and every night before I went to bed he told me he loved me. THENNNNNN I TURNED 15 .... DUN DUN DUN ;-; and one of my friends I had known since i was about 14 came over about a 1 month ago. she told me about how she was making a tulpa, and stuff about them.... i was just like Me:WHAT O.O WAIT tulpas are living things friend: -.- yuss they are very real, they are great friends . Me: ._. i have .... ermmmm i might have a tulpa but i started to just block him out. friend: no. that's bad, talk to him ;-; awww he's lonely don't do that aww ;-; meany. She showed me this website and I been trying to learn more. I have been talking to Danny and I told him he could be who every he wanted , that he did not have to stay in the Danny phantom form.(not what i made him to be ;-; that's not right.) I told him sorry about 10000 times ;-; I felt like a monster. he understood completely. so now we work on projects and fun stuff. So far i can here his thoughts, and I can talk to him. but i cant see him unless i try...really hard. I am building a better relationship with him. but there might be a little problem. ._. so ermm remember how i said we kissed and hugged and we also cuddle every night and talk about anything. well he loves me, and I love him, and he knows I well have to date someone that is human. He is the jealous type, and he hates to share, but he told me he be fine dating me and me dating someone else if he treats me right and he approves the guy. Devan is good at noticing the little things of people. so the other week ago I learned about how tulpas take breaks, and how it helps ALOT. So I told him maybe if he took a break and I did more research i could start to see him more. So on Sunday night he left ;-; and has not been back, yet /.\ I'm not use to being in my room alone and i don't like it. xD.