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  1. I've tried it for a few minutes...Well, it's not creepy at all for me. And I see a woman silhouette. I mean it's man figure made of all that...noise, but somehow near it appears woman shape and hair. It's like from man it transoform to woman.
  2. What if try it at daytime? When it's not so disturbing?
  3. Hey guys! What do you think of this video?
  4. Day 24. Frickday Tough day but on my own reasons. But...I...created 2 tulpas. I finally turn my imagionary friend into tulpa (and almost seen his face (first time for my life)) and create pony!
  5. Day 23. Nothing. Just not results at all. Although, i want to create pony tulpa too. But we'll see if i will manage even first one
  6. Day 22. Winsday ok. i found today a cool game. it's site with word generator. so i generate word and ask tulpa how many letter in it? it was two results - first, when i see this word and second when it's in front of me but i look somewhere else. second time was 95% of accuracy (it was 5 out of 6 words right). first about 70%. (10 of 15 maybe).
  7. Interesting update - i was in subway reading a book and thinking only of tulpa being next to me. How she look in my book and start reading aloud... and my inner voice disappeared, i was reading in her voice.
  8. Day 21. Trustday. I guess my Alice is more open to me. I dont feel any emotional response, but funny thing, I ask her something and I see (in my mind or i dont know how to say) her reactions and answer. I ask if she lied to me, she sayd Nooooooooo, and go to other room. She came back in imperatress dress. When i ask her what is it? She said - change my hair. Stupid but it makes me laugh.
  9. Day 20. Minday First month of winter started strange. For me, at least. I decided not to do any active forcing today. Read book to tulpa, try to feel Alice... But all in all i started to see her so clearly. I always had trouble with people's faces in my mind, but this time it's so clear and perfect. And she's funny and childish like in first days. That's sweet. I also try few visualisations techinics with familiar... And that's interesting. I writed before about imagionary friend that i want to turn into tulpa lately, but i use his as familiar. So he start talking, walking in my room and smo
  10. Totally into Doctor Who and Highlander fandom! Next person is like boxing
  11. Day 19. I guess I started to feel some response in mindvoice. We'll see, I gonna try new technics tomorrow
  12. I guess it's all about knowing that your love your tulpa
  13. Little update. Some good person from this site gave me a message from their tulpa. Actually to my tulpa. In the end of message was word 'waffles'. I forget it and when i remember it i had almost no time to force. But I did it for a very little time. I gave in wonder waffles to Alice, and just when I gave it, she screamed with delight huged and kiss me on cheek. That was so fast and cool. I guess it's tottally her.
  14. Oh, thank you so much for sweet words! Day 18. Nothing much happened. Just forcing. Alas
  15. I would like also to have mentor. Such a good idea
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