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  1. OMG How funny would that be? Get this guy's hopes up only to bring him back down to Earth. I have to admit, the shirts are kind of funny in an ironic way.
  2. Exactly! There is power in numbers and even more power in conviction. History has shown that we need to be the change we want to see, whether that change is for good or evil is another story.
  3. I imagine it's overwhelming enough just trying to destroy one planet! What's that line at the end of True Detective? "We got our guy." They couldn't catch all the bad guys, but they got the one they were after.
  4. I'm jealous. Mine has never spoken to me!
  5. I've always sensed a guardian standing outside my bedroom door with long arms and long, bony fingers. My counselor called these vivid dreams or "sleep paralysis" but I can clearly SEE him sometimes, peeking in through the crack in the door. It scared me so much at first. I was about 5 the first time I remember it happening.
  6. Yeah that was the first thing that jumped out at me too--why is the goal only 250 ppl? so small! That's not to say it caps off at 250. It could conceivably get more, in theory. I really do believe that if EVERYONE in the world really concentrated. I mean really opened their third eye, that something could happen. Because it's never happened before doesn't mean it can't!!!! This guy would be better off personally murdering everyone in the world one at a time LOL
  7. It looks like the intent of the kickstarter is to leave no survivors. =O You're right that this thing probably won't gain any type of following, but I don't think we should write off this dangerous kind of think. I'm just being the devil's advocate here, but maybe this kind of "mind over matter" doesn't exist because no one's successfully channeled that kind of power before. This thing sounds genuine enough to be dangerous if it picks up enough people............ Just a thought -A. Tang
  8. You're not crazy. When I'm feeling isolated sometimes I'll just go on a WOW raid. Always does the trick for me!
  9. I was in the craft section on kickstarter and came across this bizarre listing. What do you think? For a buck I might even get in on it lol. It would be neat to live to see the end of the world. -A. Tang