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  1. Oh god that please no anything but that
  2. Let's just all remember the good ol' times on the internet
  3. Its nice to see people getting quick reactions from tulpa in the making For your first question, if this was your first time forcing and around 15 minutes in, you started feeling head pressures? I would say thats pretty legit. The same thing happened to me, so don't worry As for your second question, I'm not really sure, because I never used wonderland for visualization. I had a separate area in my wonderland what is just white. But, I don't think it would be a bad thing to puppet your tulpa into your wonderland. Basically, just visualize your tulpa in your wonderland. Simple as that!
  4. Hey guys I make this thread to bring forward an idea I have called Pre-Sentience Stress Disorder, or PSSD for short. You're probably wondering "wtf is that". Allow me to explain In the early stages of forcing, you will probably not have any signs of confirmed sentience. From personal experience, though, I'd like to say there are 3 stages to forcing. Keep in mind I am not a doctor or scientist, just proposing something for you to ponder 1. Doubt stage. Everyone's been through this. You feel as if you're talking to yourself and making no progress. 2. Pre-sentience stage. Something'
  5. I MADE IT TO THE END GUYS. ALL 31 PAGES Make that 32 now
  6. Oh man, its been a while since I've posted. I guess I've been so distracted that I didn't post. Anyways, I have progressed quite far. Kate is now fully sentient and can speak somewhat. Her voice is still a little faint but still, its cool. I can't really think of anything else to type, so I will now go do stuff (aka read forum posts with Kate)
  7. Its been a while. So some pretty eventful events took place in the past week and a half. First, let me explain what just happened. So its about 10 pm when this happened. The power went out, right in the middle of forcing, and I had a panic attack, curled up in a ball on the floor. Suddenly, after about a minute, a wave of relief and calmness flooded me, and got enough sense to grab a flashlight. It was the strongest emotional response I have received in the time. But they started (stronger) about two days after December 6th. I say"stronger" because forcing had a different feel to it abo
  8. Well, it's been a day since I updated (technically 2) and I've gotten better at visualization and a little imposition. I'm going to try to do visualization and imposition at the same time just so it takes less time I'm not sure if it will work, though. Anyways, I'm going to go force and then sleep
  9. Welcome to the forums! Good luck with Kay!
  10. Thanks, TheSanctuary. I would quote you, but alas, I use mobile. Anyways, nothing exciting happened today. I tried those techniques out last night, and I feel as if I made good progress. Forced and narrated throughout the day, and yeah. I got this
  11. Don't expect much of a response from your tulpa this early, but listen for one. Always assume sentience from day 1, though
  12. I feel as if today was my most successful day of forcing. To start, it rained an entire 4 inches today. (Believe it or not, thats more than the total rainfall in 2013 in my area.) It didn't stop raining once today, and that made me happy. Its literally been like 3 years without a good rain here. But I thought of this thing where I try to transfer my happiness to Kate, and I think it worked! What I did was I visualized a little ball of light. Then I touched it with my finger and imagined a beam of light flowing from my head down my arm and to the ball. And then I gave it to Kate in the WL.
  13. "You hear that? That is the sound of progress!" Actually, its the annoying ringing my computer is making while trying to force.I'm pretty concerned about my force rates, because I have barely made any progress. I need to step up my game serious style. I know I've said that before, but I'm going to make it happen this time. I swear.
  14. What if Someone imposed some guns and some zombie servitors And played Nazi zombies irl with their tulpa Someone do it.
  15. Basically, day 3 I got a bit or forcing done at school, mostly passive narration, but I worked a bit on visualization. Since I stayed up until like 4 am or something, I was tired and sluggish all day, and I have a feeling that forcing didn't do much. And you wanna know another thing that distracts me? My actual friends IRL. I have like 5 and they all just so happen to be spread out in all my classes. Having a friend want to talk to you all the time hinders my ability to spend time with another type of friend. No emotional signals or whatever, or so I believe. gg
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