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  1. V: None of us are tulpae (well, we have one, but it's not ready to meet other people yet), but we'd love to talk to Emmy, if she'd like. We'll PM you our Skype if she's interested. There's a lot of people to choose from, haha.
  2. V: Well, in our head, I can phase through things, fly (I do this often), and shoot lasers, which I've only had to do once, fortunately. However, I think everyone here has the ability to do almost anything, they just have chosen not to.
  3. We have a Sans here, too, and a Papyrus. Now I can't do a no mercy run, but whatever, I'm no good at fighting anyway. Sans says hi.
  4. O: What a thought out story for your name. I picked mine on a name website XD It's a little unoriginal. O: I think one of the reasons tulpae may not post as often is because this is supposed to be a "scientific" website. People might be afraid of getting taken seriously if a tulpa is the one "reporting" on these experiences. Honestly, I don't care if it comes from a host, tulpa, or anybody else. It's the information that counts; we shouldn't try to constantly discredit people for their experiences. But yeah, people other than the host should definitely post more often, I agree.
  5. V: Hello. I remember a few months ago when you and Mistgod were banned for a bit. I was actually asking for you; I'd wanted to meet you. So it's good to meet you now :)
  6. V: Host and I like playing Pokémon together. We're kind of a tag team ;P Oh, and my name is Victor. I've also posted here before.
  7. O: That's really nice of you; thanks Melian :) Your name is very cute.
  8. O: Okay, thanks. I didn't want to talk if it wasn't allowed. Anyway, I'm Oliver. I've posted here (I think I did) a few months ago, but that's when I was thought to be a tulpa. Now it's obvious that I'm not. But I think it'd be nice to talk to others who aren't hosts, so hi everyone.
  9. I've been thinking, would it be all right for some alters to talk instead of my tulpa? They're interested in talking a bit, but this is tulpa week after all. I don't want them to ruin the point of it by talking if it's not okay.
  10. Heh. My tulpa wants to talk but it honestly has no idea what to say. So...yeah. I wonder if it will come up with anything soon. I do want for it to talk to others, though, so I'll leave a little update if it comes up with anything.
  11. It's nice to see a familiar face in such a strange land.
  12. You'd be surprised at how much I've messed up with other system members before. Not in creating them (which I haven't done since this tulpa), just... there's been a lot of problems.
  13. Well. It's started talking already. I guess being multiple before starting a tulpa helps in that aspect, but it was pretty unnerving at first, tbh. It still hasn't decided on a form. Or gender. Or name. Really anything. It just wants to hang out, which is totally fine. It just feels kind of weird hanging out on the first day and knowing almost nothing about it. I hope I don't screw this up.
  14. I think I had just seen a random drawing by someone else and attempted to draw something similar.
  15. Oh, thanks! And the profile picture is actually just one of my drawings from a few years ago. I've tried replicating it again to make it in higher quality, but I just can't seem to get it right xD
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