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  1. I've been working on my tulpa for two weeks and a few nights ago he started to talk. That night during our forcing session we had a full conversation and he even had his own talking style and accent. He told me that he remembered becoming sentient when I first looked at his picture(a gray wolf) and that "those were the days". I was recording our conversation and he corrected me on what he did and didn't say. After our conversation I ended the session and started to feel doubt that I was talking to a sentient being. He told me that if I started to doubt him I should just listen to his voice. I feel really bad about asking this despite everything I experienced but how do you really know it's your Tulpa talking and not you. When I hear the voice it feels like it's coming from the back of my head/brain/mind. He doesn't talk on his own completely because I have to will him to talk but at the same I don't control what he says. I'm confused if it's me, him, or both.