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  1. Serenity is probably the most reliable. Brigid's always calm, in one way or another. Plenty of times I get myself worked up about parroting or not being able to hear her clearly or some other nonsense. Eventually I'll calm down and my thoughts will stop churning and I just feel amused calm radiating off of her. The woman is a goddamn rock.
  2. Hi, I'm new. I ran across the idea of tulpae during research for an ongoing project and it sounded amazing. I've been fascinated by the idea of having a mental companion for years. It's a recurring concept in science fiction that has always appealed to me. I decided to try developing a tulpa and devoured a lot of the guides I could find here and elsewhere. I didn't really like the idea of my companion being bound into a predetermined archetype, even taking deviations into account. Instead, after finding the enduring idea of acknowledging a tulpa's sentience from the beginning, I just int
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