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  1. Sorry about not posting last week... Life caught up to me and stuff like that... Ugh. Anyway, spent alot of time forcing over the last two weeks, mostly at night. Kay talks to me now... And other people when I speak for her, usually through text. She's shy most of the time, but can come out of her shell and be quite vocal. She has some interesting advice at times, though, which is always fun to play with. Passive forcing, I lost count of hours. Gave up on semi-active. Active is up to 30.
  2. As of Monday, the first of December... I took up tulpamancy. I had spent the previous week soul-searching, trying to decide whether or not I should try and create one, if I could believe in this, if I were truly mature enough to create one. The fact that I was able to ask myself a question that seemed to burn into my very soul seemed to answer the question for me.... I'll not discuss the question, just know it took more soul-searching than this to answer, and took the advice of my closest friends as well. Anywho... I'm Pell_Torr, aka Borzonslayer, aka Morlodania. Ever see any of those names around, that's me. I spent most of Monday afternoon tulpamancing semi-actively, devoting MOST of my attention to my tulpa while doing some menial labor for the Army. During this, I told my tulpa I wanted her to decide her own personality, her own form, even her own name, that I wanted her to have the freedom to be truly herself, a freedom not most beings ever have. Some time into this, as I kept referring to her as Tulpa, I asked, not expecting an answer, if there was anything she wanted me to call her rather than just Tulpa. I did this three times... Each time, I felt "Kay". I cannot guarantee that it was her... But I trust and believe it was, assume sentience from the start and all. Now I call her Kay. In my minds eye, all I have for her is the form of a small orb of blue energy until I can hear her tell me what she wants to be and I can actively visualization force. Since then, every time I read, listen to music, or just have free time, I direct my thoughts to her, feeding her the words off of my screen, the music from my headset... Or just telling her about myself. As of yet, for passive forcing, I have a good... four hours? Semi-active is closer to six. Active is about a half-hour. Yes, I'm counting hours. No, I have no expectations of when things will happen, I just want to know how much effort I put into creating and refining Kay. I'll try to post updates and new hours every week on Wendnesday, or bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. If I get REALLY into it, I'll post daily reports.
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    Should be BorzonSlayer. Profile pic of Celestia and the sun.
  4. Hai.. I'm Pell. I was introduced to this concept by a friend, so far... It's incredibly interesting, honestly considering trying and creating a tulpa... Just... Not entirely sure if I'm mentally mature enough to handle that... I might be US Military... But I'm a kid at heart. *Shrug*