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  1. Your tulpa is still pretty young and if shes speaking for the first time, things might get a little mixed up random at times. Just don't take everything Raven says too critical. :) As wrong as it sounds; just ignore it and keep it out of your head. Thinking negative about it actually triggers the believe that she might dislike you. And if you start to believe that she might dislike you, that might get a possibility since tulpa are very bound to your believesystem. Heads up, everything's fine.
  2. This is a skype avatar i made quickly for a friend named Isak because his old one was terrible. I've put one of my tulpas in it to fill the space. He loves it. Win win. ^_^
  3. Imposing my tulpa for over a year now and i still don't get a rocksolid picture. It still has that holographic feel to it but im fine with that. At least its persistent and detailed. Close enough. I've also found it helped when i visualized the room i see in the corner of my eyes or beyond, into my minds eye. And impose my tulpa directy into it. Made it easier for me for the first time. After a while thos worked fluently. Kills the holographic feeling but isn't as deep on the details since imagining a whole room takes way more focus than imagining a single person. But its a good way to practice it, maybe? Also start drawing. That helps a whole lot.
  4. Holy cow, Bee and Puppycat! <3<3<3
  5. I did imposition as soon as i could visualize my tulpa well. I can only recommend it. :)
  6. On your job: I have similar circumstances and for my experience passive forcing helped the most if used often. The best way to do this is to constantly remind you of your tulpa. Thats the hardest part. You might strip connections from you work to your tulpa. Find routines in everything you do and every time you do them, think about your tulpa. The more the better. Over time this will work on its own if you put the right effort into it. Set reminders like special wallpapers on phone/pc or write something little on your hand to remind you every time you look at your hand. It might take a little while to memorize all of this but soon enough you will be thinking about your tulpa all day with ease if you want. If you master this, you're not far away from having a healthy tulpa. For narration: Relax, just think about everything you do, like you're explaining everything you do to your 7 year old brother who's never saw work. "I do this because of this". Simple stuff like that. Anything helps. Really. Not having headache / head pressure is nothing to worry about. Not everyone gets it. And don't worry about it too much. That might backfire. If you start to doubt your work this might slower your progress. Take it easy, there is nothing you can really do wrong. Ignore your useless worries and you will see how pointless they become. And whenever this hurts you or not: I can't say there are no possible risks in this. They sure are pretty rare. But if you're in a normal mental condition things might turn out well. It's like cars. They're safe to use but you can't say that you will never have an accident. But i don't want to make it sound risky.
  7. I got promoted to be a team leader at the place i work after only a year of working there. Now i control (and work) with 8 people in order to complete a 700000€ project at the moment. I'm pretty busy all the time and even in breaks i'm never alone. So there's no time for me at all, to actually force. If you have gone beyond the point where your tulpa impose at own will, yes. But to get to this point it takes months of passive focing. It's a really tedious process. Basically what i did was, connecting frequent environment, situations, emotions and thoughts to thinking about my tulpa. Like, we got lots of hallways and whenever i must go through them i use the time to impose my tulpa and get some talking going. A harder thing is noticing and connecting emotions and thoughts like 'being unconcern' to you tulpa. I. e.: everytime i get unsure i recall my tulpa for a quick discussion. If done right, over time you build frequent connections everywhere you can and your tulpa should be with you a lot. After this point my tulpa had no problems anymore to impose herself whenever she wanted. But still i need to keep the passive forcing up, or else she will regress again. So don't get lazy on that one.
  8. Here's a quick video about the Rubberhand illusion i just saw.
  9. I also hear voices from time to time similar to Kaihdaj. Just some scrambled gibberish and its pretty rare lately. Still, 2 days ago when i went to bed i heard one single couch. It sounded male and and like 1-2 meters away from me. It was so clear and strange that i was actually scared for a moment. Maybe i just heard the neighbors. Which is unusually because i never hear them usually.
  10. Visualization is a good way to start. Sit down and imagine your tulpa before your minds eye until you can do so easily into the last detail.
  11. Weird0


    Those commercials are so fucking rad... :D
  12. Can't someone delete this horrible useless thread? I mean... really?
  13. Maybe a little. I've visited friends and family more often but i'm still pretty much glued to my chair.
  14. Oh please. Avalanche and me have at least pointed out things and tried to make clear why you could be wrong and all you reply is: "its also all claims", "everyone is different", "there are no facts", parroting avalanche, referring to the most outdated guide, even bluesleeve now? No. No. I'm going to stop here because i don't want to quote every whack line of yours. You only throw excuses, yet everything you say is completely impact-unproof and as soon as someone tries to make you understand that, you reply with either more of impact-unproof things or you start to beat about the bush. Heck, to prove that you beat about the bush so badly, i've even set up the most obvious, topic unrelated trap by faking hypocritism. And you fell for it. *Bash, bash, bash* With this i have at least proven more then you here, dude. I'm done here.
  15. No history. I was just denying some claims with good logical reasons. I'm not even angry if you think so. In fact i find Onicron is quite mean with claiming that i'm just writing here to bash people. :'( This is a forum and discussion lies in its very nature. So is critic. Surely facts do exist here. Tons of facts. If there were no facts, we would have a forum here about a subject of nearly un-discussable matter since "everyone lives in his own world". A complete mumbo-jumbo. If no facts would apply here this would be like one of these forums with people claiming that they're vampires and werewolves. Just tulpa related instead. Everyone would just post something completely different to anybody else. Not making any sense at any time. And if your TL;DR summary is so clearly invalid.... I don't know... I guess you're wrong.