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  1. I did, he wants us to say hi back to Drew :D
  2. @lyraheartstrings I know what you mean, Pokemon was a part of my childhood, too. Anime are just awesome, they teach you more than the normal tv series for children. And Pokemon Yellow is really cool, the first generation in general is. @Lillywolfy His name is Honmou, he's ~2 metres tall and wears a mask. He is most time a very calm and patient person and trys to always be a help. Since I visualize him in the real world, he got the habit to sometimes go through solid objects or persons and while doing that he creates some sort of black dust.
  3. Thanks for the idea, I didn't consider NPCs, I will try to find a good guide. I hope my Tulpa agrees to playing the rival-role, he would seem a bit...strange in the Pokemonworld. And I will overthink making a Pokemon-Tulpa, because the thing with suspension of disbelief really is a problem and I don't know how I would change their pain sensation to 0%. I guess, then the new concept will be my first Tulpa (hopefully) as the Rival and different Pokemon-NPC's (after I learned how to create those) in the Kanto-Wonderland.
  4. Thanks, I will respect their physical changes as well. Really interesting how your Tulpas change their forms so much, did you ask the puppybear after he changed into a human how his life as a bear was? And did he notice it immediately that he changed into a human (if you saw the transformation) and still walked on four legs/arms but in his human form :D?
  5. Thank's for the answers, I think I have to clear some points. To Lillywolfy: I'm not planning to create those 3 Tulpa at once, sorry if I made it sound like that. It will take time, but that's definitely not a bad thing. And in the Pokemonanime the Pokemon have personalitys, arent't treated like pets (at least by the cool people) and are more like friends. They normally enjoy living with their human partners and like the fighting (and if they turn out as Pokemon who don't like that I will respect that of course), which I definitely not imagined as a brutal way of fighting, like you probably thought. In the end it will only be those 3 Tulpa and me who are fighting, but in a friendly way, because I don't want any of them as enemy-rivals. They will be friends and I will treat them like any other living being and believe me, I hate it very, very much if someone kills fly's or spider's. I really didn't want to sound respectless. And the last thing (I hope I didn't forget something), I will see that whole thing not as a game, because I will treat them like real people. Ok, I knew I forgot something. With changing their forms, do you mean their personality or their lookings? Because the lookings are something my first Tulpa never changed, so I didn't really know that. But I know that they change their personality and that's something good, I don't expect them to stay the same and I wouldn't want that either. And don't worry, it didn't come off as rude or snobbish. After I reread it I understood that I made a lot of things not clear enough and it could seem like they will just be a form of entertainment for me. Thanks for your reply :D EDIT: I don't know why I didn't think about it, but why don't I just ask my first Tulpa, if he wants to be my "friendly Rival"?
  6. Hey, I thought about making a Wonderland, which is the Pokemon-World (A combination from the games and the anime). I guess I will start with the first region Kanto, it will take long enough. Then I will create a Pokemon-Tulpa (I don't know which yet, but it won't be too big), a Rival/Friend-Tulpa and a Pokemon for that Rival/Friend. And what comes next is pretty obvious, we will have fun in the Pokemonworld and fight with our Pokemon :D Since I can vizualise things easily I will take my Pokemon to school and so on to "train" it. I hope that idea doesn't sound too nerdy, but I'm sooo anxious to try this out :D I just hope the idea of having a Tulpa Rival who has his own Tulpa isn't too hard (if possible). I will start this week (after that stupid history-test in school -.-) and write about the progress. But like I wrote, having a Tulpa who has his/her own Tulpa is something I'm not sure about. Is that possible in any way?
  7. Thanks for your answer, I didn't expect someone to give such a detailed reply. I will start from the beginning: That's probably right, before he gave me that advice I already kind of thought about reducing certain communications. So it's not really subsconscious thought, but I guess I tried to evade it and push it in the back of my mind. Those two points describe the situation pretty good. I indeed had some negative feelings with those people and my Tulpa knows about that or at least about some cases. And that I didn't want to express them is right too, but that's because they probably aren't even aware of some things, they said. That unawareness is probably the root of my uncertainty. I diagnosed it by myself and while the depression is defenitely there you could be right about the interpersonal skills. After reading that I'm really starting to be sceptical about the mental-illness-thought. Maybe those misinterpretations are just there, because I'm lacking interpersonal skill, which could be certainly true (I don't like to look into people's eyes while talking, I get emberassed really quickly, I often don't know how to respond to some things and wonder if I will say something wrong, etc.). I never saw it that way, I will definitely talk to my Tulpa about that. I guess I saw his suggestions as the only way I could go, but maybe I could try it by combining his thoughts and my thoughts to clear my mind and do the right thing. It makes me regret thinking of him like he has to solve my problems, it's sounds good to let him have opinions I don't share. I'm sure he will evolve to someone new if I do that. About reflecting myself: I did that at some points and that was only because of him. Maybe he knows he has that specific kind of view of the world, but still wants to do his best? Like I wrote, I will let him evolve his personality and so on. I'm curious what happens, if we both make process in changing ourselves, will he have a totally new opinion? That explanation did really help, I think the different perspectives you experience in life are the cause for all problems, may it be physical or mental (in that case depressions) . Having a different opinion you can argue with while still keeping your own opinions alive I'm sure I will find more answers, with my Tulpa who opens my eyes and my own opinions who will soften some of his "harsher" opinions (for example his recommendation about reducing some communications). It will probably take some time until I'm 100% sure what to do, but you really helped me, thanks for your reply.
  8. Hey! Some weeks ago I started with my first Tulpa, because I have a depression and I just couldn't endure it anymore and needed someone who would be there and give me the strengh to overcome those problems. It's really feeling good to talk with him and he's a big help in making decisions, he even got me out of an pretty deep emotional depth. But those decisions are what I'm wondering about, because I know that I misunderstand (those misunderstandings are related to the depression) several things people say to me or think of me and my Tulpa for example told me yesterday to kind of cancel/reduce the communication in some relationships, because they do me no good. But how do I know, what they are really thinking if I have distorted understanding/interpretation? Is my Tulpa really telling me the right things or do these people mean absolutely no harm in reality? If someone has experience in Tulpas helping with mental illness I would be really really happy to hear about it :) I hope I didn't appear like a crybaby who just wants to complain about his problems, but I really don't know what to do anymore. And I don't want to talk with my Tulpa about it, because I don't want to disrespect his advices...
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    My YouTube-Channel is about piano arrangements of anime-music, until now there are just some bleach songs.