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  1. Thanks for the info guys I really appreciate that you put so much effort into your awnser thank you so so much. Seriously this is one of the best awnsers i have ever read. I guess I'll ask some stuff about my subC in the metaphysics section.
  2. Inception is it real? Ok so lets assume I have a fully functioning tulpa that cannot use possession just quite yet but can talk and move freely. I am assuming even if it is possible extensive training with my tulpa would be needed. Is Inception possible, being able to go through dream and dream dive deeper into your subconscious until you could literally change your very personality. Is it just a highly evolved state of lucid dreaming? Does my wonderland come into play at all? What happens if I mess something up in my Subconscious(subC)? Lets assume that I already have free access into my subC, but nothing I seem to do changes anything, it just fixes right back up, I feel no change. For example; I smash a rock wall, it flickers then returns to what it was before, as if nothing has happened. If I were to enter my subC while lucid dreaming or while doing inception will it be different? Has anybody ever done inception successfully or semi-successfully before? I understand there have been questions similar to this, but they have never answered this question in the way I need it to.
  3. AlphaAndOmega

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Dude, seriously you do NOT take DMT for shits and gigs. It produces severe spiritual hallucination and can lead to schizophrenia and loss of reality Most nootropics will be helpful in tulpa creation. They will help you concentrate and visualise better. Although I do not recommend using nootropics that work with the dopamine pathways, this normally created an adverse effect were you can't concentrate properly and are tired. If you want to take some, I recommend you take modafinal or piracetam. You need to take these everyday (like vitamin tablets) and after about a week you will start to notice some effects. The most you will ever get from this is a light headache
  4. Because I can do a whole buch of shit I cant normally do in irl I fight with my Tulpae all the time
  5. Sometimes when your Tulpa first does something it won't feel alien it will feel as if you exepected this this to happen. This is because ur Tulpa sent u a thought before so when something like this happens it is it Tulpa and u didn't puppet it
  6. Wait, do you have four Tulpae now or is Loki just apart of shin
  7. Hey Amadeus please draw Almega for me. I understand I havent exactly updated my progress log to much but Kadoh really wants me to ask you and he won't stop bugging m about it. So if you could that would be really good thank you very much. His horns are thick black spikes that go diagonal back from his head (like Omega Shenron from Dragon Ball GT). Again thank you
  8. Your so Very welcome and I only found the sand city after our chilling in the hood
  9. Has any sort of unexpected random shit ever happened in your wonderland. Like today I found this retarded oval road thingo which ha no point what so ever. I also found this random sand city. So what experences have you had?
  10. When your body loses consciousness but is still awake your Sub-conscious takes over and shit hits the fan.
  11. Ok so I went into my wonderland and looked for Al, he was in the subconscious deck (where all my memories are) he had brought a rock in the middle and he plunged his sword into it. And I was all like hey WTF man I thought you liked your sword man. And he was all like nah man I got these and suddenly his hands turned into FUCKING CLAWS. I couldn't believe it. He seemed like he wanted to fight so we teleported into the woods. Me and Al were ripping at each other. Each of his attacks were UBER strong. I was blocking his attacks and attacking, I noticed that when we fought this time he was a lot more aggressive and seemed to be having lots of fun. I finished the day of with some energy transfusion. Every time he hit me in the wonderland I could hear it in real life. It was pretty awesome
  12. Yes by mischievous if you mean things like turning glaciers into waterfalls, knocking down buldings in the city and freezing everything he finds then yes he does that all the time
  13. Progress Log: Ok so I'm already about 20+ hours in so I'm gonna start from here. My Tulpas name is Almega and he can already move and things like that. Appearance: He has two horns on his head that look like goat horns but they are lower and they look cooler. He has triangular (dragon ball like) eyes with a green pupil. He has this bone mouth plate thing that he can put over his mouth when he is fighting. His body is like any normal humans except it is pale white. When he bleeds (which is super rare) he bleeds fire. In his other forms which are, his master and unleashed form. In his master form he grows six black spikes from his back and also grows spikes from his knuckles, knees and elbows. In his unleashed form the spikes turn red, as do his pupils and a deep red crimson color aura grows around him. He has a sword (his favorite weapon) which is made out of a solid block of ice with cracks of fire in it, he carries it with him everywhere. Thats about it for his body so far. Personality: He is competitive, he likes to win but if he doesn't he acknowledges it and moves on. So in simple words he is not a sore loser. He is super loyal to me an trusts me heaps. He is creative and one of his hobbies are drawing and piano. He has total recall, perfect recall and a photographic memory. He also won't give up on anything unless it is silly. Ok so, I was forcing when I woke up in the morning today and when I entered my wonderland I found Al in the living room of my house leaning on his sword. I asked him how he was going and he simply nodded his head. For the next 30mins I gave energy to him. It actually felt like I was giving some of my energy to him. I felt drained after wards and went back to sleep. Tulpaforcing after the afternoon nap. We were sitting on the lounge and I thought hey here's a great idea, let's eat. So we walked into the kitchen and I thought hey let's eat a whole bunch o noodles. Is we sat down and I ate about 4 cups of noodles really really fast (I don't eat like that in real life) and I looked over to Almega and all he had done was pick up his chopsticks. I said to him aren't you gonna eat that. He didn't reply so I took the bowl and just as I was about to put it in mouth he snatched it off me and ate three bowls. Then I gave him some more energy. I took him to the woods and we fought off some zombies/monsters. Fun stuff. A thought, if I impose him first wouldn't everything else be a lot easier.