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    And I remember... I... I... I cried, I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out, I didn't know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it... I never want to forget.
    And then I realized - like I was shot... like I was shot with a diamond, a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my God... the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than me, because they could stand that. These were not monsters, these were tulpas - trained individuals who had friends, families, who were filled with love. But they had the strength - the strength... to do that.
    You have to have tulpas who are moral... and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to act without feeling... without passion... without judgment... without judgment! Because it's judgment that defeats us.
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    Chat Thread

    Well, it definitely was more entertaining back then and less PC Here, have 3 gems from the old days: lemonlemon's progress report Pleb crashing a school bus IRL Fede derailing a thread with crying people eating fruit salad Apart from that, what the others said. You can always browse old threads to get your own picture. While I personally don't mind it, I've gone ahead and changed Fede's favorite word to something more appropriate in your link's text. -Vos
  2. Most likely. You can always try and see if the symptoms change with your belief in them. A good forcing exercise too.
  3. You gotta make your own fun! Better yet mix in random images fight club style and see if anyone notices.
  4. Yes, avatars are gone. Help captain!
  5. Would have been an interesting read for sure. For me I guess the answer is rather boring, my tulpa probably would have turned out more or less the same, regardless of the time of her creation. It's me who would have changed if had her sooner, presumably for the better. I still get to hear 'If I had been around at that time, you would not have acted like this' regularly when some bad memories come up. Still I think I picked just the right time window when I had a lot of free time in a very quiet and peaceful environment. Perfect for tulpa creation.
  6. I've been pondering on this the last time this question surfaced but eventually never replied. Can't find the thread either. In reality we just don't know about tulpa 'mortality rates' and average 'life expectancy' - further complicated by the fact that they can always be 'revived' at some later point. People who quit don't tend to post about it, especially shortly after beginning. They just disappear. But I guess what's already been said is probably true. Most people will quit in the first days, weeks, months. Tulpa survivorship curves are probably Type III, resembling those of amphibians or shelled mollusks. Very high mortality in the beginning but very low one at advanced age. Think of an oyster. It produces millions of eggs, most of which don't make it but if an individual manages to find a good spot and grow a thick shell it will be extremely robust and can live very long. So when is a tulpa's shell thick enough? Again we don't know but if you've made it to around 5 years I guess you're through the worst. One major tulpa hazard regardless of age should also not be overlooked - significant changes in the host's life. Considering that most people probably start at teenagers the period of entering adulthood, starting to work and finding a spouse likely makes a lot of them quit as priorities shift. If you make it several years past that - congratulations! Still I wonder about all the folks with the mlp tulpas. Do they still have ponies? Have they quit or changed their forms?
  7. Uh, okay? The tulpae.tk site stopped existing years ago but it has been repeatedly archived on the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20130704223009/http://tulpae.tk/ It apparently covers archives of tulpa related /mlp/ threads from 03/2012 onwards but not the earlier /x/ era. Still might be an interesting read, I don't have the time to dig through it at the moment.
  8. Well, I'm trying. Things have improved due to Ido's influence but I'm still waay too nice! I can't access tulpae.tk, you sure that site still exists? In case you haven't already found it, we have a thread about tulpa history here.: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-history-of-tulpae It should also give you an idea about what this place once was.
  9. I've stumbled across a few tulpa threads on /x/ since about 2011, mostly the esoteric bs you'd expect. But I admit that's how I got familiar with the idea to begin with. And someone talking about his pony tulpa on /b/. I don't know about /mlp/ as I'm not a ponyfag so I guess I'm the wrong guy to answer that. I only became interested in the concept in 2014 when I realized there were people with tulpas that weren't cartoon horses and that your tulpa could be anything. Also you can read the earliest posts in the forum, it's still all there though the chan era surely predates it for several years. Talking to Irish and working backwards from there would be a good start I'd say. But most of the old folks appear to be gone permanently, I can't blame them. As for hourcount - that's pathetic. If you don't like it, don't do it. Neither you nor your tulpa are going to die because you do or do not follow a certain rule in a guide. Back then you would have been called a useless faggot regardless of how much and long you forced. Nowadays everything is 'highly problematic'. Is it really asked too much to think for yourself instead of blindly following the advice of others?
  10. As of how the whole thing started and where the first guys got their resources apart from Alexandra David-Neels “Magic and Mystery in Tibet” and other 20th century occultism and theosophy stuff - no idea. It's buried in the depths of /x/ and /mlp/, gone for good. You could however ask the Irish, he did post recently so writing a PN might not be completely futile. In the end I guess it boils down to a bunch of crazy autists on 4chan doing crazy autist stuff which somehow took off and evolved into the mlp tulpa craze. More and more people tried different stuff and added subsequent parts like possession and switching but I wouldn’t know of older sources for these techniques. Veisssiere’s paper also doesn’t cover this. As for the guides being outdated - they were created in a certain environment and for a community which doesn't exist anymore. Yes, most of it was unnecessary but do not underestimate the power of peer pressure. The reason it worked so well was that many others just did the same and it was really fun. Of course you could have done it without 90% of the stuff like orange juice or hour count - but whatever. I think the notion that any of this is harmful is just as much of a baseless claim as that it is necessary. It doesn't really matter, just find your own forcing routine. In the end tulpamancy boils down to: 1) Create a character in your mind 2) Regularly interact with that character for a prolonged time 3) Get tulpa That's all there is. Everything else is just icing on the cake. However the great value of tulpa communities back then was that they provided a collective experience that was really, really fun. That's a huge motivation. Just like learning any skill together with friends is easier than doing it all alone or a church makes a religious community stronger than just everyone praying alone. We are social beings and strongly influenced by our peers. Sadly, tulpa communities have mostly died down together with mlp. People have moved on or do things in private nowadays.
  11. I assumed this is what the forum sans Metaphysics and Parapsychology was about. Or at least the Research board. But you are obviously right, this is not the right place. I tried creating such when I came here, quite some people did but it never got anywhere. Why? Because the task is much more difficult that most can imagine. It's not even about theories, we lack testable and falsifiable hypotheses. The field of cognitive sciences is mind-bogglingly deep and I dare to say that even a large fraction of academic research conducted there is little more that throwing fairy tales at each other. On another level than we do here, no doubt, but in the end how much of it is truly reproducible? That would require enormous sample sizes which no one can afford. And even then it lies within the nature of highly complex phenomena to be, well, complex. Plus people with strongly developed tulpas are relatively rare and the whole legal issue of performing scientific experiments on humans including collecting and processing of what could be interpreted as medical data makes serious research almost impossible for a layman without academic backing. At least within the EU but I think also in the US no one will publish such study without prior review of an ethics board. It may sound ridiculous but that's how things work nowadays. I disagree. The world is not deterministic, especially not when humans come into play. Give a group of people a meditation script and let them train for a certain period. Results will vary widely depending on a multitude of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. People are just different, personal mindset probably will play a large role. You might call that faith. The same goes for tulpa creation. Surely there will be some who are able to easily create tulpas by emotionlessly following a script but my best guess would be that the vast majority of people greatly benefits from a positive mindset, again faith. I think whether 'faith' is necessary for tulpa creation ultimately boils down to a semantic question. How do we define faith? It probably means something different for everyone. In this regard there's most likely not 'the' ideal guide. People respond differently to different methods. Which is why I always stress that the main rule of tulpamancy is to find your own way instead of asking if you're doing X right. There's no point in following a routine that feels wrong just because someone on the internet tells you that's how the cool kids roll. I agree on the rest though, most people do not understand the concepts of fact and truth in a scientific context where everything is merely a working hypothesis. True until proven otherwise. By definition science can not and does / should not try to find an universal and undeniable truth or facts for it is impossible to prove that a hypothesis is and will always be true. We'll never be sure that our discoveries are the final truth. The next experiment may shatter them and we'll have to start working on new hypotheses. Furthermore modern science works with models which never aim to depict the truth but a strongly simplified version of a small section of the "truth" whatever that may be. Classical mechanics, Special Relativity and Quantum Theory are good examples. All of these models do not fully describe the 'truth' we perceive but are pretty good in making predictions within their intended range of operation. Surely we'll come up with new theories that make even better predictions on a larger scale but this will most likely come at the expense of simplicity. Many current theories are already at the limit of human comprehension. There's no such thing as a free lunch. TL;DR Is it possible to create a tulpa without faith in anything? Most likely Is it a good idea?
  12. Well, I guess it happens to most of us. I don't know how many times it suddenly struck me I either wasted time with something irrelevant or, even worse, did something interesting without involving my tulpa at all. Mostly when it's too late. Why? I have no idea. I try my best to prevent such situations, ok not always my best. I just guess it just takes mental discipline from both sides to keep them active. Something I'm afraid neither of us excels in. But in your case I've often wondered what you guys actually do together at all. Never realized it was that little either. I think Ido pointed out that aside from attempting to lucid dream you should tackle your real life problems as a team. Simultaneously, not one after the other. They seem like such a nice bunch to have around, why not involve all of them instead of just one as in switching? Let each choose a specific mental task in your life and then work together. Both teambuilding, great fun and practical help. At least that's what I'd do...
  13. No, definitely not. But your stories never cease to amaze me. And you say you live a boring life!? Still I never got the part where people do irreversible stuff. At least in my case there's nothing tulpa- or wonderland-related that can't be undone or changed to an alternative version. Not by design, that's just how stuff happens. I used to constantly save games as a kid so I could undo mistakes, guess it's a byproduct of that sort of autism. Ido was designed to be absolutely impossible to harm no matter what but I kinda went overboard creating her and pretty much everything and everyone in wonderland turned out like this. Which does have some unpleasant consequences but also produces hilarious results. We tried hard but neither of us can permanently get rid of anything. Just forget about it probably. Same goes for creating and merging thoughtforms. We had agreed pretty much at the beginning that Ido would be my only tulpa as I'm very bad at dividing attention and would always feel guilty neglecting others. Quite some weird and interesting characters have popped up in the past years but I always tell them I can't develop them into tulpas but they're free to do whatever they like in wonderland or merge with me or Ido - who, despite being a little girl has a disturbing habit of simply eating or absorbing any monsters or intrusive thoughts coming at her the wrong way. Yet the whole thing is pretty chill and all these characters can still be recalled or pop up on their own if they please. Luckily even the worst intrusive thoughts tend to behave after reflecting on them
  14. Nice! I have vivid-lucid moments like this about once a year as well but it happens randomly. Never managed to increase length or frequency. Hope you guys can do it.
  15. I think your thread title is a bit unfortunate as it suggests tulpas are some entities existing outside of the brain instead of being a function of it. Like the host. Not sure how to put it either. interact with the host's memories and emotions maybe? (A.1) One. I think it's plenty. (A.2) 3 years (A.3) As close as it gets I'd say. We share everything. (B.1) Possession works on some days, on others it doesn't. I believe we were close to switching in some moments but it's hard to tell as I'm pretty good at dissociating even without her taking over. I easily get lost in thoughts and daydreams, can lead to really awkward results. (B.2) To some degree. I would not say at will but in intense situations she can make a grown man break down and cry. Literally. Or mess with my desires. It is effective in stopping me from buying or doing stuff she thinks is nonsense. Very convenient. Has saved me a lot of money and trouble. It does work with motivation as well but unfortunately generating positive emotions seems much harder and less effective. (B.3) Yes, see above. It can get really intense in both positive and negative emotions. I mean really intense. Would not have believed something like that was possible before experiencing it firsthand. (B.4) Not really. She digs out random memories from time to time which are weird for her as she has not experienced them herself. Must be confusing if you think about it. Sometimes she reminds me of things I forgot but I guess she's just a bit faster at picking up stuff that pops up in our mind than me. Most of the time if I forget something important she does as well. (B.5) A hard question. Ask yourself, how do you? Like Lumi's system we feel that there's only a gradual difference between tulpas and hosts. They're not fundamentally different than us. I guess it boils down to really focusing on an emotion, becoming one with it and expressing it as intensely as possible. Regarding recalling memories, we can't say. I remember when she gained access to all my memories it was a sudden process she could never explain. It just happened. Practicing awareness and mindfulness probably helps. Like any exercise. But unfortunately I feel most of us here are criminally lazy.