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    I am a true lier. Please if you give me your private message!
    Than Q,
  1. It is great! Ringo is a perfect learner. He said to me, he said, "I am with you, forever my friend.". He is already very loud! He is still looks the same as always and he is very happy with it. I am so glad. Keep aware, as this will surely be a skillful ride as in the fast and the furious! I hope I make a sense. xD Tomorrow we will have a bodacious time at the town! Peace and <3 to all, Vennu
  2. Hey man, you are a very good bad boy. We admire your Progress, keep up on it! I am just new at this, please forgive me. I hope you are to see good progress again in time! Holo is totally a cute! Just to think, one day she will be just as any other person to you is strong! Just believe and have faith my friend! Best of luck to you and Holo! We are watching with the captivating eyes. Your friend, Vennu.
  3. It is very very late (or early! xD) but I bring good news! I think Ringo speake to me many hours ago! He is a quiet man, I will have to work harder. But this is progress! I begin writing a song for Ringo, hopefully he will like my words. I envision anthro Jerry Seinfeld and hope he will like this body I give to him. I am very excited for possible future. Stay tuned everybody! Love to all, Vennu
  4. Oh!! Silly me! English is not my (our!) first language! Very sorry about that! We appreciate your welcome! Many kind wishses to you and your tulpas! I am glad you are rooting for us! It is late but I hope for Big Progress during tomorrow! Than Q, Vennu
  5. Hello to all the people! I am Vennu, I am making tulpa on fantastic journey and hope you all will come join me in this quest of friends. ;) I have studied many days for this, and now I will create my Tulpa! Here is the plan: He will appear as anthro Jerry Seinfeld. He will be kind and loving to all peoples of the world. He will be named Ringo. Please, if any suggestions, please, leave them here for my (I mean "we" xD) consideraition. Thank you so much, I am very happy to spend lifetime with Ringo as my friend! Love, Vennu. <3
  6. Greets all from India!! I am your friend Vennu, I am come from India and hope to share my Tupla experience with you all in days to come! Much love, to all of you! Love, Vennu