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  1. Throughout the day I picture my tulpa following me around, usually sitting in a desk in one of my classes so I won't be staring at them full-on. Basically the same way at home.
  2. I think I've found one. I've been working on imposition for weeks. At the start I tried to keep count of the time, but now I've lost track. It's been over a month, probably nearing two, and I've had little to no result from imposition. I might have gotten a flash of my tulpa once or twice, but even then it was unclear. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong, but I don't think I'm focusing hard enough to impose my tulpa into reality. The only solution I can think of is going back to traditional tulpaforcing (i.e. actually sitting down and putting all of my concentration toward making my tulpa.) I really don't want to do that, but I will if I have confidence it'll help. Would that be a right way to go about it?
  3. I've been simply doing the imagining him in the corner of my eye, although sometimes I get distracted and stop. I picture him with me at school, walking with me in the hall, ect. Sometimes I close my eyes and try to get a clear feel of his presence next to me.
  4. And I have no real results. Not even a flash of something in the corner of my eye, or even the outline beginning to show. A couple of times I might have seen a sign of my tulpa, but I highly doubt it was an actual result to prove that imposition is working. I'm starting to get worried. Is there any way I can make it go faster? I've been wary to try Pronas' new idea because I'm afraid my tulpa will be stuck in doll-form forever. Not to mention it'd be slightly ridiculous to imagine a minimized version of him (not because the idea is ridiculous, just because it would clash with my tulpa's personality so much that I'm not sure I could take it seriously.)
  5. My tulpa once showed up in one of my dreams and helped me solve a mystery. At the end of it, when he said he had to leave, he hugged me. That was the best experience I can remember.
  6. If it came down to a family member such as a sibling or parent and your tulpa (or your theoretical one if you don't have one.) One of them will die and you have to choose which one you want to live. This is theoretical, so ignore the fact that there aren't really any situations this choice could come up in. Loved family member or loved tulpa? I was thinking about this today and the thought occurred to me that a person and their tulpa has a close bond that can't be replicated between humans in the sense that a tulpa knows you so intimately and doesn't judge you the way people do. So I think this decision would be a difficult one for most people.
  7. One of my online friends introduced me to tulpae and I've been fascinated since.
  8. Does anyone have an actual source (i.e. a person) who can testify from first-hand experience what happens?
  9. I've been working on imposition for a couple of days and I have another question: When will I most likely start to see results?
  10. I'd just like to thank you for posting this. Before my tulpa had only just barely spoken, but after trying your method both yesterday and today, his vocalization has gone up so much it almost feels unreal.
  11. My tulpa is sentient, and I think he can very well decide how he wants to move.
  12. As I said, he's not very vocal, but he's sentient. He moves around and such and reacts to things, and I think imposing him will help tremendously.
  13. I've heard that children "accidentally" create tulpas when they have imaginary friends. Also, I'm rather far along into the process and I'm currently fifteen years old.
  14. So I've been trying to imagine my tulpa in the corner of my eye for about five minutes now, and it's kind of difficult. Should I actually try and focus, or can I continue doing it at my computer? How long should it take to get him fully imposed? I'm looking for a rough estimation. He's not yet very vocal, but I think this will really help speed that process along.