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    If any of y'all even read this, I guess I'll put a lil' somethin'. Hi, I'm Taylor. I came across the Tulpa phenomenon one time when I was kinda bored and have spent months reading up to prepare for my Tuppers to come to life. I'm gay and single as fuck... but I haven't made any of my Tulpae for that reason. They're all my friends. (: I'm Puerto Rican and live in Miami... I speak English natively but I'm learning Spanish. If there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to message me. I also accept constructive criticism, PayPal and hugs.
  1. That could be cool, I don't think people would get too freaked, either, considering you would have to know exactly what you were looking for to find a video titled something like, "Watch me switch with my Tulpa!" or "My Tupper plays Minecraft"; it's not something ordinarily searched up on YouTube.
  2. This is definitely a thought provoking thread; I'll share my opinion. What a Tulpa needs to survive is subjective to whatever the host and Tulpa think. Hence the reason why some members' Tulpae report horrific experiences during prolonged attention deprivation, and others seem to be fine. Nonetheless, I think we can agree there is a base of all Tulpaforcing with certain laws that seem to be universal, regardless of the Tulpa and host. Thanks to your research, we've gotten a step closer to figuring it out. With that being said, do you feel these conclusions justify a host giving up on their Tupper prior to interaction a little more?
  3. Feel free to post ideas here for anything you might not be completely confident is worth a thread. Other members can build off of your ideas and next thing you know: Bam! Tulpaforcing has been revolutionized (: This saves space and can build confidence for new and old members alike imo. I have an idea, and I'm actually using this one now. If anyone is having trouble finding a voice to use for their Tupper during the creation process, try listening to voice overs on various websites. Such as voice123.com... I'm not gonna buy any voice overs or anything, I just listen to it as I need to and eventually it catches on.
  4. I've been thinkin'... what if any of the members had new ideas for Tulpaforcing, but they weren't sure if it would work, too shy, etc. so they didn't make a thread for it. This thread is for members to just bounce ideas off of each other. Once you think you've come up with something good enough, I'll post it here in a great, big list for everyone to see with a quick description so others could try it out or you could start making a guide for it! (: This thread might end up flopping but I don't know... its worth a shot. I'm also not sure if it should go in research or general, maybe even metaphysical? Depends on the content, I guess. Please refrain from being too harsh on anyone's ideas, unless absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, members should be open to constructive criticism from their peers.
  5. Thanks for this. It gave a little more insight to Tulpae after I thought I knew it all...
  6. No problem. I'm really excited to answer the questions. (:
  7. Oh okay. Cool!(: I'm not sure what to do about the thread, but I know if you can't get a mod to move it for you then simply making a new one would definitely help. I think they will, though. I don't mind trying it with my Tuppers I just need to find a website that allows you to make subliminals...
  8. Is this really what we want new users to see? Pointless arguing? Eventually a Mod or whoever is just gonna step in and end it once and for all... Let's convert this negativity into motivation to all teen Tulpamancers to have the best Tuppers ever; prove MrCrazy, Hush, etc. wrong and leave it at that.
  9. Okay, I understand better now. If you would like to make succubus into a Tulpa friend, I suggest you make one using the guides like you said. Make her from scratch. I would say you should not use the subliminal audio just to be safe. Once you get started you can design her looks, personality, etc. using things you remember from the audio but nothing more. That way you can make sure she is just how you would like her to be. As long as you respect whatever she says to you, and you do not force her to do anything you will be okay. Just remember to treat her like one of your best friends. EDIT: Forget all of the stuff above. /.\ Oh, now I understand... That's the same thing I wanna do, too. I think this thread needs to be moved to the Research category, though. After that all we need is someone to try it out. I would also suggest renaming the title to something like: "Effects of Subliminal Audio on Tulpaforcing" that way people understand what the thread is about a little more. Please excuse me if I'm wrong, but I assume English isn't your native language?
  10. It's definitely not a traditional Tulpa, or a Tulpa you should consider making. The aftermath could be kinda ugly. Furthermore, this could be used for productive purposes if someone figured out to make the subliminal audio themselves. Damn... I might. For a traditional Tulpa, this could be a kind of boost to the regular creation processes. I wouldn't suggest it as a replacement, though, to any of you guests lurking the forums. ;) To answer your question directly, yes this could be considered a Tulpa. Not a Tulpa you would want to have, but a Tulpa nonetheless. If the subliminals correspond with the stages of Tulpa development, then continued usage could result in a Tulpa. I wouldn't suggest for anyone to use these, though. If you were on the site looking for a thoughtform to give you sexual pleasure, please make a servitor instead. Using this audio extensively and engaging in sexual acts could result in the succubus gaining sentience, y'know, a mind of its own, and then it doesn't have to play by your rules. I'm not condemning you or anything, just giving some friendly advice.
  11. The unnecessary negativity isn't helping the site. MrCrazy, (lol) the only thing I, and probably everyone else is trying to suggest is that we need all the constructive criticism we can get on this site. Considering the fact that there is no liable proof of the Tulpa phenomenon, some people already think we're lunatics who simply are in denial. Fussing all the damn time just makes things worse. -finished- Arguing with people who may have a differing opinion is not always detrimental, but make sure you don't take it too far. We can't risk losing any valuable members to the Tulpa.info forums, especially over petty arguments. Nonetheless, if anyone feels the community is worthless, hopeless, etc. a better idea would be to leave rather than rant about all the things you disagree with on the forums. No one's here for that. We're here to share our opinions respectively and help each other grow as Tulpamancers. No pun intended, but no one's gonna grow if they keep getting shoved into the ground. We're also getting waaaaay off subject. I'm sure the OP is like 0_0
  12. This debate has gotten old, and a bit insulting to some teen mancers. Yeah, yeah I get it. Some teens like to join the forums and brag about their Tulpae, use them for sex, whatever. Just because some dumbasses decided to do the wrong thing doesn't mean responsible teens are nonexistent, and in the minority. I suspect some members of the forums may lie about their age just to avoid prejudice. It becomes annoying. Posts like, "Teens are the worst Tulpamancers and only use them for stupid shit before they get bored and dissipate them." can also be discouraging and unwelcoming to new members of the forums. How would the adults feel if someone said, "Adults only keep their Tulpae because most of them have mental/emotional problems and need someone to vent with." This type of criticism is not constructive at all...
  13. The likelihood of the students learning nothing from the project and simply creating sex slaves and what have you depends on how thorough of an interview the OP conducts and who they interview in the process. I don't think all children are absent minded idiots. Each of the people who agreed seem to be responsible and have a respectable relationship with their Tulpae, and I think some of them may be teenagers/young adults like me, so the OP's project should appear to be formal in the end. There's only so much we can do to prevent crazy hosts, just like with everything else in the world. One way to encourage them to do otherwise would be to set an example. This project could help with that.
  14. I'm not sure if this post is completely relevant to the thread itself, especially considering its been dead for a while now... I'll answer your question through PM, though, if that's okay with you.