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  1. If you all could just do me a favor and stop posting after me in this thread, that would be swell.
  2. Dreadwing93


    https://img.4plebs.org/boards/s4s/image/1388/36/1388369036739.jpg It's Poplar-chan!
  3. My vessel is male, but I identify as female. My tulpa is also female.
  4. Oh, I guess I have. Twice. Never finished making the games though. The next person is a bioterrorist.
  5. My wonderland: http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?ngw5pe9wdjw
  6. If my wonderland were a tulpa, she would be tall and dignified, with long flowing light blue hair. She would be stoic, but also very kind. If my tulpa were a wonderland, she would be a large white room, similar to the white room in Wixoss. There would be many windows and mirrors, just a lot of glass in general. Perhaps some crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
  7. To be honest, when I first heard of tulpas I thought it was stupid superstitious nonsense. I didn't understand anything about tulpas back then, I had only heard of them. I didn't have a clear understanding of what a tulpa even was. But then I started reading one of the guides. I still didn't take it very seriously at first. But a couple pages into the guide, as I started to wrap my head around what a tulpa actually is, I had a sudden epiphany. Several years ago, I created a character. Shirose. I fell in love with her, and thought of her as my daughter. I decided to make it my ultimate goal to somehow bring her to life. My plan was to wait for robotics and artificial intelligence technology to advance, and to build her that way. But then, as I was reading the document, I realized I could make Shirose into a tulpa. Nobody else would be able to see or hear her, but she would be real to me, and that would be enough. This was all just earlier today, so needless to say I'm super new to all this. profile pic related. It's her.