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  1. Thank you for the responses everyone. I'm still compiling a bit of information, but I am planning to reach out to all of those interested in helping very soon.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I will be sending all of you PM's shortly once I get all of my info together. I'm looking to get as many different viewpoints as possible, and all stages of development/experience are welcome. The deadline for getting interview questions compiled is mid January, so there's still a bit of time.
  3. Hello! Newbie here, and hoping I'm allowed to post this kind of request. I'm working on a project for school about Tulpas. I was hoping there might be a few people here who would be willing to be interviewed via email for my project. I would be asking a few general questions, but also personal questions about you and your Tulpa/s. I will not reveal any identifying information in the final project, and if you have any concerns about it, I'd be happy to explain further by private message or email. If anyone is willing to help out, reply here, or shoot me a PM. Thanks! :)
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