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  1. That's very interesting i didn't know sylph could mean something like the wind and air and the rest of your explanation defiantly makes sense. That is how I leaned towards thinking about it. Thanks for the reply to my question. The only reason i'm unsure about if I should keep the name already given or the new one that was thought up is because my tulpa and I have not been able to communicate with each other yet so she has only been able to get my attention twice so far during a force session when I began to loss all train of thought and just sat there untill she said "Yoo Hoo" and "Hey". I feel like changing her name too much will make her upset.
  2. I too also live in Pennsylvania. I'm in the northern parts away from the big cities.
  3. So I started creating my tulpa about three days ago and at first Syne was known as Sin, but my form for him started changing to a female so i changed the form and the name to Syne, but recently today when i go to say her name I say a different name instead. The name i accidentally say is Sylph not Syne so I was wondering if someone could give me some info on this?(I dont know if im doing it on accident or if that is what syne wants to be called.)
  4. Hello everyone. I am a new member here and have only been trying to create my tulpa for around two days now, i know im such a noob lol. any way I will introduce my self and my "work in progress" tulpa. My name is Lee and my tulpas name is Sin it is the name I use for my username currently on almost everything, I thought it makes sense in an alternate persona type of way along with it possibly helping my tulpa want to talk as i chat with people and get addressed as Sin plus I already have a certain look with the name. I Cant wait to get to know people and their tulpas more along with learning as much as i can about this topic.