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  1. Good day, I'm Raphael, I'm 16. And my tulpa's name is Ophanim. I discovered Tulpas while surfing an imageboard a year ago. It was a very rough ride while on the way to get to where I was with Ophanim right now. I wasn't skeptical of the tulpa phenomenom at all, so I think she and I could have ended up way worse. She's a young girl who looks close to my age, but older. A white haired, pale girl with pink colored irises. She wears a dress most of the time, but I prefer her in a less revealing jacket and jeans. Ophanim is a very carefree person.. I still do remember when she used to hate me, but it's all good now I guess. Communication between us right now.. is fairly inconsistent. But I know it's her when I hear it. We also communicate rather well with head pressures too.