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  1. I wish i was so relaxed when i made my decisions. I tend to overthink things.
  2. So, I've heard the term Passive Forcing tossed around alot around here. Could somebody describe it for me, and maybe explain how it works and how to do it? I know Narration is a form of passive forcing, But is there anything else? As is there a certain way i should be narrating?
  3. I just started, But I've gotten to about an hour and a half and i'm not even a fraction into it. The way i see it, Its one of the most important parts, Not just because they will act the way you want, but because that is the beginning of their creation as a sentient being, and the introduction to their own thoughts.
  4. So, This is a thread just about how you decided to make your tulpa, Personally it took me a long time to start forcing (I just recently started) I found it to be a little scary, trying to play out everything, Probably the same reason why i take forever to create a character in games. Did anybody else have this problem? Or were you fairly relaxed with your choices (Name/Looks/Personality/Everything)
  5. I've been looking through some guides, and i've gotten an idea on how to do some of the steps. But i have absolutely NO clue where to start, and what order to go in. Could somebody recommend some starting methods? Like, What you did personally to get started?
  6. So, I've officially decided to make a tulpa, But have a couple questions that i couldnt find answers for during my lurking. 1.) Will a tulpa care if she is based off of a character? 2.) Can i change the form of a tulpa while keeping her personality? (I want to start with an anime look, But may just change her to be a normal human) 3.) Is there a way to hide any thoughts/memories? 4.) Is a tulpa worth the 100+ Hours? 5.)What is the most recommend starting point/guide to go off of?
  7. Hanako ^^ I fell in love with the character since i first played KS, I'll be making some slight adjustments though, Give her some more courage, Remove the burn scars, Little things to make her happy.
  8. One final question (Maybe) Would you recommend making my own character, Or basing her off of mai waifu?
  9. Huh. That might be easier on my brain, With pictures of her at my disposal and everything. Also, Assuming you have already made a tulpa from an Anime, Is it important that she doesn't find out she's from an anime? So, Your tulpa stays in that wonderland, Until you "summon" it, And then you can see it in the physical world?
  10. I went and read through some guides, But still have a couple more questions before i make the final decision. If my tulpa is based of mai waifu xD Should i make her a 2D version like she is in her VN, Or should i try to make a "Real" Human version, If so, How do i begin making the transition from Drawing to Human. Also, What is a wonderland? I see people talking about them, But im not entirely sure on their exact definition, or how i even make this wonderland.
  11. Thanks for the help, I think i'm actually going to try this. One last question (I promise xD) Can you actually SEE your tulpa in the physical world, Such as, It walking around and things like that.
  12. Thanks, You've all been alot of help :D Sorry for all the questions, But here's another one. What should a tulpa be based off of? Can it be, Say, A Dream Girl? A character of something your fond of? What would be an ideal tulpa?
  13. This is pretty interesting. Also, Isn't possible for a tulpa to take control of your body?
  14. What's it like, I mean, What can you do with a tulpa?