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  1. So, I am new to the tulpa process, and what can and can't be done. I have a few questions: 1) Can you form your tulpa based off of an anime character? Not the personality, just the basic design. 2) (This one I'm just genuinely curious about, not planning to actually try this) If the anime character were to be a vampire or angel or some other mythical being, would your tulpa be a vampire or angel or whatever? Would you be able to base it off of a vampire etc. anime character? 3) Is it okay to create a tulpa that is meant to be something of a love interest? Like, could you create a tulpa for the sole purpose of making him/her your "lover"? How often does a tulpa fall in love with the host? 4) If you were to hug your tulpa in public, would everyone else see you pretty much just hugging air? Any answer is appreciated ^-^ -so anonymous