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  1. Selector Infector WIXOSS, and Black Rock Shooter are the obvious examples i can think of that i didn't see mentioned. Also in Golden Time Banri's ghost is in fact his tulpa, although Banri can't interact with him really, but could feel his presence.
  2. Basically i'm talking about characters in anime that could be considered tulpae. I realized Kuro and Shiro in Selector Infected WIXOSS are both Mayu's tulpa. Then thinking about it I realized Black Rock Shooter could be considered to have tulpae in it as well. Both shows have switching in them too. Any shows come to your minds?
  3. when in a wonderland is it okay to visualize yourself as something other than your outside appearance. I just figured it would be if I view my mind as a completely separate thing from my body there would be no reason I wouldn't be able to change my form while in a wonderland. I haven't heard of anyone doing this, but I'm quite new here so I thought I would go ahead and ask.... really I just have trouble visualizing my own appearance so I wanted to create one that wouldn't be predefined.
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