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    Ask Esterina!

    Hey, Buddy. (This isn't really a question is it? doesn't matter, just wanted to say hi, also Allison say hi too) Allison:*giggles* Hiiii, Esterina! :D
  2. Sure thing Melian, thank you for the fast response!
  3. I would like to participate in this skype conferencing if it is still going :)
  4. I must say, you put lots of thinking and effort into writing all of this, it's quite impressive. :D you'd probably last longer than I ever could.
  5. If you were the last person on earth and you had to survive for one year without any human contact, how long do you think you would survive? Note: pets do not count as companions to keep you company. Basically no animate living things, like dogs, cats, deer, squirrels, birds etc. can be near you, or else that breaks the idea of being completely isolated and alone. It's just you and only you. How far do you think you can make it? and what would be your strategy to survive?
  6. Me and Barley definitely have a Platonic friendship, sometimes I see him as a brother from a another mother type deal. but I like to see him as not related to me, but still very close as family/friend in other words "Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family"
  7. Does your tulpa have a mindvoice yet? If so, try sharing your funny past memories with him/her and tell them how enjoyable it was. Or you could explore new places in your wonderland if you have one and just have a fun time adventuring with your tulpa by going for a walk in the real world or the wonderland. :)
  8. If you have a wonderland, you can imagine walking and adventuring to new areas never explored in your wonderland with your tulpa. That's what I do with my tulpa in our wonderland sometimes. or both you and your tulpa could just chill and listen to music as you try to develop with him/her. You could share past memories with your tulpa to past the time. Basically anything if you put your mind to it.
  9. My Tulpa eyes are just 2 white circles, but if he were to have actual human looking eyes it would probably be light blue.
  10. Our wonderland's setting is a flat plain countryside environment and listening to this music while just wondering into the grassy field with birds chirping is so wonderful and peaceful to listen to while tulpaforcing.
  11. Alright, i guess that already answers my question. thanks
  12. yeah but i'm talking about an actual steam group for all of us to keep in touch with and play games together as a whole.
  13. If you don't know what i'm talking about, i'm talking about this I think it would be a great idea if someone more leadership experience made a "" steam group and that all of us can chat and plays games together you know? I would make one myself but i'm not really the one to take adminship, but if let's say the admin himself of these forums has steam, then it would be great if he made a steam group based on Tuplas and gaming. I do believe that would be a great idea! if anyone is up to it. (Oh yeah and if anyones wondering, my steam name is "Alexavier", in case you wanna chat.)
  14. Alexavier

    Minecraft server

    Thank you, and which modpack are you running the server on? because theres tekkit lite, tekkit classic, tekkit. don't know which one to download lol
  15. Those tanks where you lay down in light water and there's no sound, no light and no feeling. You're just floating and into nothingness, pretty sure a few of you know what i'm talking about. and if you don't, look at this. Anyways, if any of you ever experienced being in one, how did it feel like? Was it the best active forcing experience in your life? Did you feel like you made tremendous progress with your Tulpa while being in the Isolation tank? And if you've never been in one, how do you think the experience would feel like with your Tulpa?
  16. Me and Barley both sang and tap danced to this song and since we're able to do anything in our wonderlands, me and Barley also flew into the sky, into space and explored the entirety of space while listening to this It was really fun :3 I have other adventures too but there would be too many x3
  17. I named my Tulpa Barley because, well my Tulpa is actually based off a drawing i always drew in a lot of my artwork, (think of it as like a mascot) he's also from a a story i made up too, and I'm not completely sure "why" I named him Barley, but when deciding what to name him before I had ever heard of Tulpas and he was Simply just a cartoon in my imagination, back then I just named him Barley. Forgot the reason why I named him that, though. Then I found out about Tulpas and so from that day on, he has earned his name as Barley. (don't judge)
  18. Okay serious question this time. Also I would like to know, are your Tulpas Original concepts you've thought of comepletely on your own? Or are they from a show or a movie, comic, video game etc. because what about to ask is related about the vocals of a Tulpa. So I have had my Tulpa for about.. 11 months? 10? Somewhere around there. I do the best I can to Tulpa force with my Tulpa and I still haven't quite found an actual voice for him.. He just mute for now. i thought of Barley (my Tulpa) all on my own, no video game character or tv show character, just completely from scratch. And so It's hard for me because I can't really think of an actual voice for him. Its easy for someone who has a Tulpa for a tv show or video game because you can actually hear their voice within that show or game. and so when someone creates their tulpa based on a show, they already know what their voice is going to sound like. their going to know what they sound like when their angry, sad, happy, surprised, scared etc. But for me its difficult and having to go over a catalog of voice for my Tulpa is difficult.. at least for me. and so I ask you was it easy finding a voice for your Tulpas? did they just came up with a voice on their own? did you give them one? whats the best technique for finding the right voice for a tulpa. (if you want an idea of how mu Tulpas suppose to sound like, he sounds a bit like this also i will possibly be asking this same question in the "Questions and Answers" thread.) Thanks.
  19. Hope you all had a good daayyy.... [sits in the forever alone cornor]