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  1. Just a warning, you are going to piss off lots of people. Also, I think this should be in the Metaphysics board.
  2. Minecraft username is DaveTheDude001 I might not get on much because my computer is iffy, but I really want to.
  3. Granted. Years later, you are in a car accident, killing your spouse, and injuring the driver you hit. The other driver sues you, and you end up selling all of your possessions to fit the bill. Spiraling into depression due to the death of your wife (or husband, I don't judge), you attempt suicide. Arrested by local authorities (they found you crying in the middle of the street, nude), your ability is found when your cellmate attempts to kill you, fruitlessly. The police captain calls his military buddy, who tells his captain, who tells his general, who tells a military scientist friend, who
  4. No, I've played about a third of that (332.3 Hours of Garry's Mod). The next person who posts is an Aries (born about Mar 21 - Apr 19).
  5. Hello, I am DaveTheDude001, but in real life I am known as "Octavis," or Tave. I have been working on my tulpa for a week now and I discovered this subject through the show "supernatural," and a few years later looking for porn.
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